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UFC 172 Main Event Breakdown: Jon Jones Vs. Glover Teixeira

April 23rd, 2014 at 2:10 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

'Jon 'Bones' Jones & Glen 'Big Baby' Davis' photo (c) 2010, ericdwheeler - license: This Saturday’s main event will see the return of pound for pound king Jon Jones when he takes on dangerous veteran Glover Teixeira. Topping an exciting main card Jones and Glover will look to take an exciting battle to Baltimore’s Baltimore Arena. Jones, originally hailing form New York State should have the home field advantage as the East coast crowd love their champion. 

While Jones is on an impressive 10 fight win streak, Glover might be one of the only men in the light heavyweight division to be able to top his streak. Riding the momentum of a massive 20 fight win streak, Glover has not lost since 2005 and has destroyed each opponent the UFC has thrown at him. It is this destruction of his adversaries that earned Glover his shot. By disposing of top competition with relative ease, Glover put himself in front of the crowd of title contenders in the 205 pound division. With that being said, Jones is on another level, and, as always, will be looking to end both Glover’s hype and shot at the title early. Breaking down the three biggest aspects of MMA, will it be Jones or Glover coming out on top?


Jon Jones’ biggest gift when it comes to his striking is his reach. Jones, even though only fighting at light heavyweight, holds the longest reach in the UFC. He has used this reach to completely shut down his opponent’s offensive striking. Often extending his lead arm completely out, Jones is able to hit without being hit. He has mastered the art of using his length and is outrageously effective in doing so. Though not known for his one punch knockout power, Jones picks his opponents apart until they crumble. Glover Teixeira is a man who, opposite of Jones, might have the hardest punches in the division. The problem for Teixeira will come from getting in his range. Jones will look to keep him away, but, if Glover can move in on Jones and lands one of his scary hooks, he has plenty of potential to knock Jones out. That being said, Jones has fought this fight plenty of times and will shut down Teixeira’s striking. Advantage: Slightly towards Jones


This area of the fight is easiest to determine. Jones has outwrestled dome of the best wrestler to enter the octagon. With unique blend of freestyle and greco-roman wrestling, Jones is as unpredictable a wrestler as any. He might shoot a low double, an ankle pick, or lock up the upper body and toss an opponent over his hip. Glover has shown extraordinary wrestling defense in the past, but, his opponents have been traditional freestyle-type wrestlers. Glover will look to neutralize Jones’ wrestling and try to either land on top of Jones or keep the fight standing. Jones has so many unorthodox ways to take an opponent down that, while putting up a good fight early, he is destined to land a takedown eventually. Advantage: Jones


This is where the fight gets tricky as Jones has an outstanding defensive submission game, though he has some holes. Glover is an outstanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, earning himself 6 wins via submission, 2 of those being in the UFC. Jones does not attempt submissions frequently, but when he does, they are potent. Submitting Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida recently, Jones’ submission game is on par with the best in the world, however, he has been caught in very close submissions in the past. The famous “almost” arm bar that popped Jones’ elbow in his fight with Belfort is what comes to mind when discussing Jones’ submission game. Glover is the kind of fighter who knocks you silly and strangles you while the cage is spinning. As far as offensive submissions go, Glover gets the nod, but, in all probability, neither man will pull off a successful submission without it being set up with strikes. Advantage: Glover


Prediction: Jones will mimic his masterfully executed fight against Shogun and use his size, pace, and wrestling to break down Glover, eventually getting the TKO in the fourth round. Jon Jones TKO Round 4


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