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Early Reports Indicate That Carlos Condit Has Potentially Torn His ACL

March 16th, 2014 at 3:23 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

In his fight with Tyron Woodley last night, Carlos 'The Natural Born Killer' Condit ended the match writhing in pain as his knee buckled beneath him. 

As the fight began, Woodley landed two hard right hands on Carlos Condit. As Condit began to find his range, Woodley landed an explosive double leg takedown and worked his ground and pound. Condit found his way back to his feet and managed to get off a few shots of his own.

The second round saw Condit working his kicks and straight punches as Woodley tried more with his right hook. As Woodley shot for a takedown Condit noticeably gritted his teeth and reached toward his right knee. After getting back to the feet Woodley launched a hard leg kick that twisted Condit's knee underneath him and sent him to the mat, reaching for it and grunting in pain. The ref stepped in as Condit curled up in a defensive position, favoring his knee. 

Immediate speculation from Play by Play announcer, Joe Rogan, had him guessing that Condit suffered an ACL injury. Rogan may have been correct in his speculation as Mixed Martial Arts website, MMAJunkie, tweeted this earlier today:

Though still waiting for an MRI to confirm the state of Condit's ACL it does not bode well for the 29-8 fighter as  lasts night's defeat saw him lose 3 of his last 4 fights. 

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