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Michigan’s Health, Fitz Toussaint and Important Takeaways from Brady Hoke Presser

October 2nd, 2012 at 8:08 PM
By Joye Pruitt

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Here are some huge takeaways from the Michigan football pressers, even including the ones that seem absolutely loaded with BS.

Like it seems all coaches are scripted to do unless the conflicting approach has the cover blown off of it prematurely, Brady Hoke says all of his guys are a-ok! The transcription is courtesy of MGoBlog.

How’s your health coming out of the bye?

“I feel pretty good.”

How’s your team’s health?

“There ya go. You know, I think Beyer will be back. Brandon Moore will be close. He’s getting better.”

Richard Ash?

“Richard is better. Uh there’s one more, too.”


“Hop’s fine. Devin’s fine. They all practiced last night. Yeah Ricky Barnum was a little — sore shoulder. He was fine last night. So with the guys who aren’t out for the year, the rest of them are okay.”

Marvin Robinson?

“He was better. He ran around last night and he feels much better.”

Robinson’s fine. Ash is fine. The whole team is just fine. If Hoke’s statement is true to form the entire squad, with the exception of LB Kaleb Ringer (knee), OL Chris Bryant (leg), DE Chris Wormley (leg) and CB Blake Countess (leg), will be suited up and ready to go against the Purdue Boilermakers. Something tells me that this is not going to be the case, but everyone should reserve judgment until game day.

DT Kawann Short managed to be thrown into the conversation as well. Hoke says that he hasn’t seen everyone when questioned where Short tanks among defensive tackles in the Big Ten but thrusts him somewhere around the top of the league. That could not be any truer when referring to one of the top ten defensive ends in the country.

Short’s draft stock fell a bit at the beginning of the season but he made up for it against Marshall with a big game against Notre Dame with two sacks. Hoke may not have seen everyone, but the amount of preparation an offensive line has to do when preparing for Short claims his position more than any verbal commitment.

Another huge thing pointed out in the presser was the competition between DE Frank Clark and DE Brennan Beyer now that he is healthier. Clark has been one of the more consistent pieces of Michigan’s defensive line, especially against the run. But as Hoke points out, Purdue is likely going to attack with a high-octane offense. Beyer’s ability to play is going to help keep Clark active down the stretch instead of exhausting him in the first half of the game.

Keeping things Switzerland, Hoke never favors one over the other. While complimenting both defensively capable players, the Michigan coach leaves the door wide open for all possibilities. Don’t think that Clark has much to worry about though.

The biggest point from the presser would be that Hoke addressed Al Borges’ desire to get RB Fitz Toussaint closer to 20 carries than he has been thus far. Over the course of three games, Toussaint has average 12 carries and 50 yards per. This is the same game that Michigan played with Toussaint last season before he broke out in the latter half.

Hoke agrees with the fact that Toussaint’s carries should be more of a priority but also highlights the point that the lack of production from the tailback is both on him and the offensive line, not on one or the other. If Michigan manages to get Toussaint going after Week 5 then they will be in a much better position to jump to the top of the Big Ten conference. 

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