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Heat Fans Takes a Shot a LeBron James with Billboard

August 6th, 2014 at 8:36 PM
By Glenn Minnis

With so much talk about LeBron James' homecoming and his passionate letter to the fans of Cleveland, it left many Miami Heat fans wondering where was their letter for supporting the star for the four years he was there in Miami. It is kind of understandable on why some Heat fans could be mad, since he did win his first championship in the city of Miami and they supported James when the Cleveland fans bashed him and burned his jerseys as well. Some Heat fans took some money to purchase some space for a billboard in Akron, Ohio, which is James' hometown. The poster read, "You're Welcome LeBron, Love Miami," with two NBA titles on the billboard as well.


The Heat fans obviously felt a certain about James. It might not have been the fact that he left their team to go back home and play for the Cavaliers, but it was the way in which he gave all praise to the Cav fans and not one mention to the Miami Heat fans. One the other hand though, you could understand why maybe no one would quite consider the Heat fans as passionate as most. They show up late for games, half of them walked out when the Heat were down to the San Antonio Spurs with seconds remaining. 


This also shows how no matter what James does, he cannot appease everyone. He alienated a lot of fans with what he did to Cleveland four years ago and now when he tries to do it the right way, fans still get highly upset.Sometimes it is good to be the King, and sometimes you would rather be anyone else, but the King.

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