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Should LeBron James Write a Thank You Note to Heat Fans?

July 31st, 2014 at 1:46 PM
By Glenn Minnis

When LeBron James announced his intentions to come back home to Cleveland and play, he wrote a heartfelt letter to the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers and how he always wanted to come back home and play for them and it is where his heart is. It was a very passionate letter and it made even the LeBron James haters applaud what he did and how he went about doing it. However, his decision left a sour taste in many Miami Heat fans, who expected James to re-sign with the team and keep the, "Big Three," in tact. Sports columnists and radio host Dan Le Batard tried to take out an ad in a Cleveland newspaper with it reading, "You're Welcome LeBron, Sincerely Miami Heat fans." This was meant to be a little troll of how James has yet to thank the Miami faithful for the years he has spent there, which makes many wonder should he even thank them.

Miami Heat fans took a lot of flack over the four years James was a part of their team because many thought they were bandwagon fans. A lot of fans and players alike considered many Heat fans that because if James was never on the team, then a lot of people would not have gave it a second thought of even entertaining the thought of being a Heat fan. You can get where some people are going with that thought however.

 A lot of times Heat fans showed up late to the home games for the team, which could not sit well with people within the organization because most times the arena was half way empty until halftime. Then there was the infamous time where the fans left game six of the NBA Finals last season when the Heat were only down a few points to the San Antonio Spurs. The Heat eventually came back and won that game leaving many fans outside the arena trying to get their way back in the building. This act even had Chris Bosh say to the fans to not even bother showing up, if they are going to do something like that. There are also some saying that the fans actually had to have a pamphlet to know how and when to cheer, which is quite embarrassing.

However, there are fans who were loyal since day one of the franchise and those people maybe deserve a little bit more gratitude then that. However, it is hard to blame anyone for not recognizing some Heat fans as true basketball fans. The few that are not, makes it look bad for the many that are.

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