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Micky Arison Gives Heat Fans Reassurance

July 29th, 2014 at 3:30 PM
By Glenn Minnis

Miami Heat Owner Micky Arison gave Heat fans some reassurance with a passionate letter to their fans. He told the fans that the Heat are not done by a long shot with trying to capture NBA Champions and ultimately gaining the championships. This why Arison is considered a class act amongst many with how he goes about handling situations and not overreacting with what has happened.


Arison could have easily trashed LeBron James and him leaving the Heat for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that would have been the easy, classless thing to do, like Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert. Arison, instead took the high road and thanked James for all of what he did for the Heat and wished him the best of luck. Obviously Arison was disappointed in him leaving, it was one of the greatest players of the NBA leaving to go somewhere else. However, Arison did not do that, which means he did not burn any bridges and he did not offend anybody in the process. This is as classy as it can possibly get.


Arison is not going to overreact over James leaving. He is showing confidence in his team by making these statements to the team's fans. He's making fans believe in this group of players and he is giving fans hope that not all is lost in James leaving. We still have talented players and we're not going to let one player dictate what we do with our whole roster. Arison is just as big as a piece to a team as the star player is and he is showing why.

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