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Can Chris Bosh Live up to His Max Deal?

July 26th, 2014 at 3:05 PM
By Glenn Minnis

The Miami Heat raised plenty of eyebrows when they gave Chris Bosh the max deal for him to remain in Miami. According to all reports, the bidding war was between the Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets for Bosh's services. The gave Bosh around $30 million more then the Rockets was offering him, which many people believe was too much for Bosh. Bosh is a great talent that can score from the perimeter and hit the long range three pointer on occasion. However, is he really worth all of the money the Heat shelled out to him.

When he was in Toronto at the beginning of his career, Bosh might have deserved the max deal to stay put in Canada. With Bosh gone, Toronto didn't have an attraction to brings fans into the building. When he went to Miami, he was surrounded big two massive stars in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. At times, Bosh was the forgotten member of the, "Big Three," leaving some fans calling them the, "Big Two and a half." 

This is not to say that Bosh did not contribute to the Heat's success, because he surely did have a hand in them going to four straight NBA Finals and two straight NBA Championships. He made big shots at times as well as playing clutch for the team as well. However, there is no denying that this team was James and Wade's team. The Heat went as far as those two players could take them. 

It will be quite interesting to see what is in store this upcoming season as Bosh will have to step up even more now that James is gone. All eyes will be centered at him to see what kind of production he can bring to the table and can he lead a team to the NBA Championship. A team that he feels is still a contender with James.

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