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The Miami Heat are Still Worth the Price of Admission

July 23rd, 2014 at 8:52 PM
By Glenn Minnis

When LeBron James exited Miami for Cleveland, the Cavaliers quickly sold out home game for the entire upcoming season and not mention gained a huge boost for the economy. James' jerseys have already sold out and he has yet to decide on what number he will select upon his return to Cleveland. Many fans are wondering if the Heat will even be exciting as they once was with James not being there. However, the intrigue of James' absence coupled with the team not giving up and going into a rebuilding process is more then worth the price of admission for the Miami Heat.


The story line is already written. The Heat will be out to prove each night that they can win and be a true NBA Title contender without LeBron James. Dwyane Wade will be out there to prove his doubters wrong on a nightly basis. People have wondered if we are seeing Wade break down in front of our very own eyes or can he have a bounce back year and show everyone that his knees are just fine. More importantly, will he show James that he did not have to leave and that his best option of winning more rings was right in Miami.


For Chris Bosh, the story line is can he live up to the max deal that Miami Heat President Pat Riley gave him. Can he elevate his game even more and show that he truly is an elite player and should be treated as such. So many dynamics and that is just for the top two players on the Heat's roster.


People will wonder if the free agents pick-ups will pay dividends to the Heat. Signing Luol Deng will show if he is capable of filling half of James' shows. Will Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts work out in the end for the team. Can Mario Chalmers have a bounce back year and shake off his horrific performance in the NBA Finals. All of these questions will be answered during this upcoming season. Expect the Miami Heat to still electrify like they normally do. Also, they have the Cleveland Cavaliers on their schedule as well. They are going against that LeBron James guy as well.

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