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Luol Deng Will Make Heat a Legit Threat

July 21st, 2014 at 3:58 PM
By Glenn Minnis

When the Miami Heat lost superstar LeBron James in free agency, many Heat fans felt as though that void that James left could never be filled. True enough, there aren't many players in the NBA of James' caliber and not to mention be considered one the greatest of all-time, however the Heat did not fold under the pressure. They went out and signed Luol Deng to a mutli-year deal, and the team will benefit greatly from his presence.


Deng is not the same player and will not be able to do everything that James did for the Heat. It is impossible to think that anyone can do what James does. However, that does not mean with the right pieces in place a team can at least fill that void with a collective group of talent. Deng is not a scrub by any means can be a vital part for any franchise looking to be a title contender. With Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh already there, Deng will fit in quite nicely with what the Heat are trying to do.


No pressure will be placed on Deng because no one is expecting him to do what James does. He already has his superstar teammates in Wade and Bosh, who will have the pressure on themselves to prove doubters wrong about them needing James to be a great and legitimate team. Deng can easily bail them out of tight situations with his knowledge of the game and him being able to produce on both ends on the floor. Whether it is defense, shooting the ball, getting the rebound or steal or even picking up an assist, Deng is a legit threat to do all those things for a team. Deng will surely have a good year with the system that he is now in.

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