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Chris Bosh Believes the Heat are Contenders Without LeBron James

July 19th, 2014 at 5:53 PM
By Glenn Minnis

Miami Heat star power forward Chris Bosh said that he feels that Miami Heat are still contenders to not only come out of the Eastern Conference, but to also win the NBA Finals once again. This is wishful thinking on the part of Bosh, whose team not only lost a star player, but lost arguably the greatest player in the past decade at least. The Heat are obviously going on an "us against the world," mentality, but it is also important for them to not get caught up in proving James wrong for leaving and the people who think they can't win it all again without James' services.


When Dwyane Wade announced that his intentions was to stay in Miami, he also added an Instagram photo that had his picture and read, "Heat vs. Haters." This shows that the Heat are hearing what the people have to say about them and the doubt that has creep into many fans' minds since James left. Many feel as though the Heat cannot do it anymore and that wherever James is, that is the team that has the best chances of winning the NBA Title. 


Wade, Bosh and company are looking forward to showing people that one player, no matter how great he or she is, cannot make up one team. It is a collection of players playing as a cohesive unit that makes up a good team. The Heat are ready for the challenge, no matter who is standing in their way. Even if it is an old friend by the name of LeBron James

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