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Eric Bledsoe Would Be a Nice Addition to Miami’s Roster

July 17th, 2014 at 4:16 PM
By Glenn Minnis

free agent point guard Eric Bledsoe is still out there on the market to be picked up. He played for the Phoenix Suns last season and have a stellar season, helping the Suns become an above .500 team and nearly made the playoffs as well. Averaging career highs and almost every category last season, the sky's the limit for the young point guard. He would also be a nice addition to the Miami Heat who needs better production from the point guard position.


Bledsoe is a restricted free agent so the Suns can match any offer a teams gives him. However, the Suns and Bledsoe are nowhere near in agreement on a contract extention on the 24-year old star. This can potentially be a benefit for the Heat as the Suns are not willing to pay Bledsoe top dollar for his services. Maybe they can work out a sign and trade deal with the Suns that could send Mario Chalmers and/or Norris Cole to Phoenix for Bledsoe. 


If somehow, someway the Heat are able to get Bledsoe, their point guard position would be too loaded. They have rookie Shabazz Napier, they have re-signed Mario Chalmers and they have Norris Cole as well. Something would have to give. Or maybe they can play around with their line-up a bit. Give Dwyane Wade some rest and play Bledsoe at shooting guard and play one of the other three at point. The possibilities are endless with the addition of Bledsoe. Miami has already made it clear that they are not going to fade away in the sunset just because they lost LeBron James. Making this move for Bledsoe would be a huge statement and put everyone on notice as well.

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