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Dwyane Wade Re-Signs with the Miami Heat

July 15th, 2014 at 6:13 PM
By Glenn Minnis

Dwyane Wade has made his decision to stay home as well, at least with the team he started his career with. Wade has agreed to terms with the Miami Heat on a reported two year deal worth around $32 million. This is great news for not only for the Miami Heat organization, but for the fans as well. With Wade re-signing with the team, this puts them in position to possibly win the Eastern Conference for the fifth straight year if Wade's knee are healthy and the conference being wide open. 


There's no denying Wade's capability on the basketball court as he is easily one of the best basketball players in his generation. However, with his knee constantly giving him problems, there are a lot of doubt that Wade's best years are behind him. It's understandable with people would believe this with Wade missing so much time over the past few seasons with re-occurring knee issues. However, if there is one player that I would not simply count out, Wade would be that player.


Wade will obviously be motivated by the people doubting him and for many believing one of the main reasons why LeBron James left was because of Wade's bad knee. He has shown glimpses and flashes of the Wade a few years ago, and don't be surprised if that Wade comes back for good. He's not lacking motivation and he surely will be ready to show that he can still lead a team to the promise land as well.

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