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Do Fans Go Too Far When a Player Leaves Town

July 13th, 2014 at 12:50 PM
By Glenn Minnis

When LeBron James announced to the world his intentions on coming back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers and to leave the Miami Heat, you could expect Heat fans to be upset and highly disappointed with the outcome. However, one can make the case that they when the announcement broke, fans went a little bit too far with expressing how they truly felt about the situation. The actions that some Miami Heat fans portrayed are a resemblance to what the Cleveland Cavalier fans did four years ago when James announced his intentions on leaving that city and franchise to go play for the Miami Heat. With that being said, it begs the question, do fans take these things far to seriously?


Granted, fans have every right to be upset. One of your star players has left to go play for another group of fans and another organization, leaving your team high and dry. However, what crime did James commit? He exercised his right as a free agent and used that right to go to a team where he feels most comfortable at and at peace. The burning of his jerseys and defacing a mural that took two plus years to make, is not right. He provided a lot of great moments for the team and the city of Miami. Not to mention giving the city two NBA Championships and four straight trips to the NBA Finals. He has given more then enough compared to most players, but he is quickly treated like a criminal and villain. A la the way the Cav fans and the owner Dan Gilbert behaved when he left the city.


You cannot fault someone for wanting to leave and go play somewhere else, especially back to their hometown. As much as it hurts, things for people can get whole lot worse. We need to realize that this sports and that just like we can leave a job and move on to another one that we feel as though benefits us, then we can do that. Same with players, who are human just like the rests of us. So before we go around burning jerseys, that we pay a lot of money for, and writing letters because we're upset and caught in the moment. Just ask yourself is it really worth it.



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