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Chris Bosh Agrees to Max Deal to Stay in Miami

July 12th, 2014 at 1:38 AM
By Glenn Minnis

Chris Bosh has agreed to stay in Miami and remain a part of the Miami Heat. The contract is now in the final stages of being processed and the deal is worth in the ballpark of five years for $110 million. This is a life-saver move for Miami Heat President Pat Riley and company as it lessens the blow just a bit of LeBron James leaving and heading back to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Re-signing Bosh might not make the Heat the favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference like years in the past, but it surely doesn't make the door mate of the East either.


Now that it seems like the Heat have locked up Bosh long term, now they can focus on bringing back Dwyane Wade in the fold as well. No longer can fans be for certain what anybody, especially an athlete will do, since James. What looked like a sure thing with James was not and he left and went elsewhere. Wade has always been a key factor in the Miami Heat plans with whatever they do and that doesn't seem to change as the Heat are strongly pursuing Wade to come on back. 


However, now reportedly the Chicago Bulls are interested in Wade and would like him to be back home as well. This is now very tricky for the Heat. While it is great that they were able to bring back Bosh to give the fans something to cheer about, it will quickly turn to devastation if they lose Wade to free agency. If they lost the cornerstone of their franchise, then there will be very little for the Heat faithful to rally around and cheer about.




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