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LeBron James to Meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley in Las Vegas

July 9th, 2014 at 11:49 AM
By Glenn Minnis

According to reports free agent LeBron James will meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley today in Las Vegas, Nevada. James is getting prepared to hold his annual Summer League Camp in Las Vegas. This meeting can potentially make or break the Miami Heat and decide where other star free agents will land when James makes his decision. There is no doubt that James and Riley probably talked before this scheduled meeting. However, this meeting will be the last with any team that James has before he makes his decision on where he will end up for not only this upcoming season, but for many seasons to come.


What seemed like an obvious choice months ago, now is a neck and neck tie between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. The Cavs seem confident that they can land James, especially since they have traded Jarrett Jack in a three team trade with the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, with Jack going to the Nets. This move was made to free up cap space so that Cleveland can sign James and bring him back on home. Riley has his work cut out for him convince James that Miami is where he should be and potentially end his career at as well. It helps that James and Riley have a good relationship with one another and it still has to sting a little bit when Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote that harsh letter to the citizens of Cleveland about James, that has conventially been taken down in the past couple of days.


One of LeBron's closest friends still plays for the Heat and in all likely hood will retire a Heat even though he opted-out of his contract, which is Dwyane Wade. James and Wade are extremely close and went out to dinner in Las Vegas recently as well, which may bold well for Heat fans. Reports are that Riley is confident that James, Wade and Chris Bosh will return to the Heat. That might be true with reports coming out that Bosh has let the Houston Rockets know that he wants to continue to play with James. 


This meeting can be nothing more then a way for the two parties to come together and layout the ground work for what the Heat will do to once again be on top of the mountain top. I cannot imagine that Riley would sign Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts without any input from James whatsoever. However, this could also be a meeting regain James from making the decision to go back home. This meeting can go either way and soon we will witness, "The Decision Part 2."

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