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Report: Miami Heat Sign Danny Granger & Josh McRoberts; Chris Bosh Receives Offer from Houston Rockets

July 8th, 2014 at 10:52 AM
By Glenn Minnis

The Miami Heat have signed free agents small forward Danny Granger and power forward Josh McRoberts to multi-year deals to join the Miami Heat. McRoberts comes over from the Charlotte Hornets where he played there for his entire career. Granger comes over from the Los Angeles Clippers, where he played this past season. Before that, he spent his career with the Indiana Pacers. These moves are obviously a way of showing LeBron James and company that they are trying bring in key pieces to help them out in winning the NBA Championship again. Now it's time to see what the Heat free agents moves are.


Miami Heat President Pat Riley is meeting with James this week to talk about his future with the Miami Heat. This meeting could make or break the Heat dynasty as we know it, depending on how it all plays out. James could be intrigued with what Riley is bringing to the table and just decide to re-sign with the Heat and make the pieces work around him. Or the meeting could be the beginning of the end. James could see that he has done all that he can do for this team and see that it is time for him to move on and head on back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hopefully Riley has some tricks under his sleeve and gets James to re-sign and provide him with the proper pieces around him for the Heat to continue to contend for NBA Championships.


Chris Bosh has been offered a max contract from the Houston Rockets, but is going to wait to see what James does in free agency. Bosh is a key piece in free agency and what he does will have a huge impact on what other teams and players will do. If Bosh decides to go to Houston and take the deal, this could lead to how Miami handles a certain situation. Riley could see the writing on the wall with Bosh and decide to let Bosh leave and go after Carmelo Anthony


It is no secret that James and Anthony are extremely good friends and that they have always wanted to play with one another. So, if Bosh does decide to leave, it may not be so much of a bad thing. Anthony has stated in the past that he wants to start winning titles and what better way to do that then signing to play with arguably the best NBA player LeBron James


Each player is waiting for the other to sign on the dotted line with what team they feel is best for them. No other signing will be more important then Chris Bosh's. When he decides on what he is going to do, then the dominos will fall in place to what the other major stars will do next.


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