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Will Basketball Be Ruined If Heat Sign Carmelo Anthony?

June 29th, 2014 at 9:30 PM
By Glenn Minnis

As of today, Miami Heat superstars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will all be in the free agency pole when the free agency period roles around. Today Bosh became the third and final piece of the "Big Three," to opt-out of their contract. This is what many predicted as most believe that this a carefully calculated plan for each member to re-sign with the Heat for less money, which will lead to the team being players when it's time to sign some marque talent from free agency. One player that has most teams salivating over the thought of bringing him to a teams roster is former New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony. In an era where many star players are now becoming teammates of each other, it leaves many wondering if this is best for the NBA?


It is no secret that Anthony and James are close friends with each other and it has been chatter of each wanting to player with the other at some point in their careers. Adding Anthony to the Heat will surely make their team the favorite to win the NBA Championship each year the all-stars lace up the shoes to play on the court. With the Heat already having Wade and Bosh on the team, the possibilities of what this team can do is endless. However, with many fans coming from an era of where Michael Jordan did battle with Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson going through Bird and the Boston Celtics, each superstar player went through their growing pains and finally ascended on top of the mountain with no other superstar player help. With the likes of James, Wade and Bosh being on a team together, the addition of Anthony will provide a sour taste to many fans.


Many fans will feel as though Anthony would be taking the easy way out if he signs with an already loaded roster like the Heat or similar. On a team last year where Anthony seemed to be on a deserted island, Anthony will surely be focused on the best fit for him and what team can help him ultimately make it to the Finals for the first team in his career and win the ultimate prize of an NBA Championship. Time will tell with not just what James, Bosh and Wade will do, but Anthony as well. Either way it goes, you will be looking at 29 other NBA teams and fans highly disappointed and upset that Anthony did not take his talents to their town.

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