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Is Mario Chalmers the Best Option at Point Guard?

June 26th, 2014 at 2:04 PM
By Glenn Minnis

To put it lightly, point guard Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat had a lackluster performance in the NBA Finals this year. Miami Heat Coach Erik Spolestra stuck it out with Chalmers, hoping that he would break out of the slump that he was in, but it did not happen. Chalmers is becoming a free agent in the coming days and it is starting to seem less and less likely that the Miami Heat will bring the former Kansas Jayhawks star back into the fold.


In a conference call with ESPN Analyst and Front Office Expert Tom Penn, he mentioned that the Miami Heat will look to move up in the NBA Draft, which is being held tonight, to maybe pick Connecticut Huskies star point guard Shabazz Napier. This does not sound too far-fetch with LeBron James tweeting his love and admiration for the point guard in this past year's NCAA Tournament. It also seems that the Heat are in the hunt for signing Toronto Raptors free agent point guard Kyle Lowry as well. More and more, it seems highly unlikely that Mario Chalmers will be back playing for the Miami Heat for the upcoming season. 


Chalmers was a big contributor to the Heat winning the Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, where his key three-pointers led the charge against the Thunder in multiple stretches of the series. That seems like a distant memory now with how poorly he played in the NBA Finals this season. Not to mention on occasion, getting into heated arguments with James. Now as reports from Dime Magazine's Spencer Lund, with Chalmers Instagram photo maybe being directed to James, it seems that a change of scenery is best for Chalmers. Only time will tell what the Miami Heat's intentions are with him. The first step being to see what the Heat will do in tonight's upcoming NBA Draft.

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