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LeBron James to Opt-Out; to Discuss Future with Wade & Bosh

June 24th, 2014 at 7:46 PM
By Glenn Minnis

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   As many of us was expecting, the Miami Heat's LeBron James will be opting-out of the remaining two years of his contract and will enter free agency. Even though most of fans expected James to do so, it is still a big story based on who it is. James is regarded among most as being the best ball player in the NBA. Teams will be salivating at the chance to not only hold meetings with James, but to sign the superstar to their team and instantly become a contender to win it all. We know that the Miami Heat & the Cleveland Cavaliers are his top two choices in many peoples eyes, but now teams like the Houston Rockets, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers & the Los Angeles Clippers are now maybe in the mix as well for the 29 year old star. However, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh's decision on what they're going to with their contracts may give the answer to what James plans on doing.



Like James, Wade & Bosh also have the opportunity to opt-out of the remaining two years of their contracts and become free agents. Many expect Wade & Bosh to follow and opt-out as well. If this happens, it's almost a guarantee to most that they will re-sign with the Heat and take less money to bring in key pieces to help them on their quest to create a dynasty. However, what if this doesn't happen? It could be a case where Wade doesn't want to opt-out of his contract and wants to stay with his current deal and then call it a career. Wade will be 34 years old when the two years remaining on his contract expires. It is not crazy to believe that Wade will see the writing on the wall with his health and decide to just play his current contract out and leave. So many possibilities and that's just for Wade.


It's not impossible that Bosh will leave due to how undervalued he is on the team at times. One game Bosh would get 20-25 touches, then it would drop to 10 touches. Maybe it'll cross his mind that he should be the number one option, similar to what he was playing for the Toronto Raptors. Bosh could go to his hometown of Dallas and play for the Dallas Mavericks. It is sort of a similar situation that James is in with how many teams could possibly want Bosh.


Pat Riley will be meeting with all three at some point during the free agency period, that is a given. James is to meet not only with Riley, but with Wade and Bosh as well. There are a litany of options that this offseason can go for the Miami Heat. James entering free agency today is just the tip of the iceberg in the entertaining television show that is the Miami Heat.


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