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Pat Riley Delievers a Passionate Speech; Will “Big Three” Listen?

June 21st, 2014 at 12:45 AM
By Glenn Minnis

     Coach Pat Riley gave a passionate, heartfelt speech to cap off the Miami Heat's season this past Thursday. Riley basically told LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh that it's time to show what type of guts they truly have and that now is the time to ban together and fight. Riley has a way with words that very few coaches, let alone people have. After all, he did persuade James to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and take his talents to South Beach to play for the Heat. Now it is up to the "Big Three," to listen to Riley's words and take up the challenge that Riley has dished to them.


        As we all know, Wade, Bosh & James can opt-out of their contracts in about a week. This can lead up to a few different scenarios. One being that all three opt-out and sign contracts with the Heat for less, which leads to the team providing the help that they need. Two being that one or even two of the three decide to leave. There is very little doubt that Wade will leave, but there are talks about James and Bosh. Bosh going to his hometown and playing for the Dallas Mavericks or a team like the Los Angeles Lakers. James will be heavily courted by various teams, as now there are reports that the Houston Rockets will make a strong push for James. A third is that they don't opt-out and they play out their contracts. This will lead to the team staying pat for the most part. So many options, but the time is ticking on a decision to be made.


        Riley said it best that you cannot win the title every year, it is not realistic. The Heat won two titles in four years and made it to the NBA Finals in four straight years. Not a lot of teams can say that about their franchise's history, let a lone two titles in four years. Riley has laid out the challenge, now it's time for James, Bosh & Wade to take it up head-on.

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