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Who Can Help the Miami Heat in the Frontcourt in 2013-14? Part 2

July 7th, 2013 at 1:14 PM
By Ira Luke

On Friday, we took a look at Chris "Birdman" Andersen and Greg Oden and how they are two primary players that the Miami Heat will look to bolster their defense. Andersen has quickly become an enforcer for the Heat in his first 42 regular season games before showing off a nice touch around the rim getting easy baskets during the postseason. While Oden is still looking for a chance to prove that he belongs back in the league and that he can stay healthy.

The last two free agents who could make a difference up front for the back-to-back champs are veteran journeymen, Kenyon Martin and Samuel Dalmebert. Both players are known to play solid defense and the ability to finish at the hoop. Martin is a bit older but he still has something left in the tank from what we saw in New York last season. Dalembert still has the ability to contribute on both ends of the floor but his ego will have to be held in check with the superstar talent in Miami.

Here's a better look at these two players and why they are worth a look in free agency.

3. Kenyon Martin

'Kenyon Martin' photo (c) 2011, Keith Allison - license: K-Mart was very helpful to the New York Knicks after joining the team late in the season. He has been linked to the Brooklyn Nets because of his relationship with current head coach and former teammate Jason Kidd but there is nothing imminent between the two sides. Martin made two finals appearances with the Nets but if he would come to South Beach he could finally convert on a chance to win a ring. He could be a low risk pickup for a team that could use another solid defender and provide a presence by the basket.

Martin still has the ability to score and rebound as evidenced in his stint with the Knicks. The oft-injured forward has kept his knees healthy enough to contribute 7.2 points and 5.3 boards and 0.9 blocks in 18 games last season. In 11 starts, he was inserted in the starting lineup with the many injuries to the Knicks and averaged just under nine points. As a veteran, he wouldn't be expected to cost much nor have a heavy role for the Heat but his reputation of being an enforcer is much needed on the court.

4. Samuel Dalembert

"Slammin Slammy" has been an underachiever for much of his career and has found himself bouncing around the league in recent years. He has a lot of talent that he displayed in his days with the Philadelphia 76ers but has failed to be consistent. After spending last season with the Bucks playing behind Defensive Player of the year candidate Larry Sanders, he will be looking for a team that can get him more time on the court. Dalembert had his worst statistical season and logged the least amount of minutes since his rookie campaign. He will have a lot to prove next season.

The 6'11" center expressed an interest to join Miami during the playoffs after the Bucks were ousted. Dalembert played in just one game in the series and was not effective. This is not the first time Sammy has mentioned his desire to join the Heat and if the Birdman is not resigned then he would be a solid replacement to contribute consistency in rebounding and a presence down low to get swats. Don't be surprised to see if the backup center finds his way onto the Heat next season especially with his ability to be a true shot blocker, which is something the team has been without during their championship runs.

Miami won't tinker too much with their roster but realizing that there is a glaring need in the frontcourt they need to address now that the free agency period is in full swing.

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