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Miami Heat Clinch Playoff Berth, Fighting for Home Court Advantage

The Miami Heat face the Detroit Pistons tonight it what should be an epic battle. The Pistons are fighting to stay in the playoff race, while the Heat look to gain home court advantage in the post-season.

A Free Agency Period for the Ages: Eastern Conference Part 1

Free agency in sports is always an exciting time, especially now in the NBA. In part one of the edition the Eastern Conference, I will more then likely the top three teams in the East, being the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat.

Report: Greg Oden Arrested, Accused of Assault of His Ex-Girlfriend

According to a USA Today report, free agent Center Greg Oden was arrested this morning for assualt for punching his ex-girlfriend in the face. With this incident all with health issues, Oden's chances on playing this upcoming season with a team might be looking pretty bleak at this point.

Heat Fans Takes a Shot a LeBron James with Billboard

LeBron James gave a passionate letter to the fans of Cleveland and may applauded his actions. One set of fans that are highly upset are the Miami Heat fans for not getting mentioned and given a thank you, which led them to take out a billboard in Akron, Ohio.

Where Does Ray Allen Rank Amongst the Greatest Shooters?

There has been rumblings that Ray Allen might just decide to hang up his NBA basketball shoes for good. Allen without question will go down as one of the best pure shooters in NBA history, if not the best pure shooter in NBA history.

Dwyane Wade Knew LeBron James was Leaving Miami

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are extremely close, so it came as no surprise to Wade that James was leaving to go back and play for Cleveland. Now according to reports, Wade has gotten slimmer and is more then ready for the challenge of leading the Miami Heat without James back to the NBA Finals.

Chris Bosh Admits That He was Close to Leaving Miami

Chris Bosh admitted in an interview that he was close to leaving the Miami Heat and taking his talents to another franchise. This is good news for Heat fans as Bosh eventually decided to stay with the team and possibly be the leader of the team as well.

Should LeBron James Write a Thank You Note to Heat Fans?

When LeBron James let his intentions be known that he was heading back to Cleveland, he did it in a heartfelt and classy letter to the fans of Cleveland. This is leaving some wondering when and/or if he will do the same for the fans of the Miami Heat, with thanking them for the time he spent with the team.

Report: LeBron to Make His Return to Miami on Christmas Day

The latest reports are that the Miami Heat will play against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas Day for the upcoming season. The storylines will practically write themselves and there will be something to prove from both teams.

Erik Spoelstra Will Be Ready for the Challenge Ahead of Him

Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra had big shoes to fill when he took over the team for now Heat President Pat Riley and he has filled the pretty well. Now with his most talented player LeBron James gone and many doubters that believe that Spoelstra benefited from a super team, this can be the perfect opportunity for the coach to show people what he can really do.