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Fresh Blood in and Old Rivalry – Colts Versus Dolphins

September 12th, 2013 at 11:01 AM
By Mark H. Stowers

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In 1970, the Baltimore Colts welcomed Miami into the NFL with a 35-0 humiliating defeat. A few weeks later the Dolphins exacted revenge with a 34-17 win in Miami over the eventual Super Bowl Champs. Since then the two teams have been going at it but the Dolphins have an overall lead in wins, 46-25. From 1980 to 1987, the Dolphins reeled of 14 straight wins but more recently the Dolphins have lost the last five meetings with the Colts. The teams share a history with Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula who led both teams to the Super Bowl.

Player matchups from the Colt's Johnny Unitas versus Bob Griese, Peyton Manning dueling Dan Marino for air supremacy and many more. Earl Morrall subbed under Unitas at the tutelage of Shula and then came to Miami to backup Griese and lead the team in its undefeated season during Griese's broken leg. The two teams square off this weekend in Indianapolis, the newest home of the Colts when former owner Bob Irsay and his son and now owner, Jim Irsay, skeedaddled out of Baltimore in the dark of the night a few decades back.The rivalry has been infused with young blood who are bringing their own college rivalry to the forefront.

Second year Colt QB Andrew Luck battled with Dolphin rookie Dion Jordan in their PAC 10 collegiate careers. Luck with Stanford and Jordan with Oregon. Oregon won the matchups and Jordan even claims to have gotten the better of the personnel matchup. He only was credited with a "half-sack" against Luck but Luck still knows the talented rookie would like to add to that resume now as a professional.

In a Miami Herald article, Luck referred to Jordan as, "fast, athletic, eats up space and physical. A lot of respect for him as a player.” Jordan's ability and promise as a pro has not been overlooked by the Colt coaches, especially head coach Chuck Pagano.

“A talented, talented guy, a ton of athleticism, playmaking ability, pass-rush ability, ability to drop, do a ton of things for you,” Pagano was quoted in the Miami Herald. “Like everybody else, we had great grades on that guy.”

The duo move their rivalry up a notch to the professional level where Luck has already shown his brilliance as a rookie reinvigorating the Colts. The rookie helped the team make the playoffs in 2012 before losing to eventual Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Game time is 1:00 p.m. at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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