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Meet Miami Dolphins’ Massachusetts Phin-Fan: Armand

September 10th, 2013 at 8:35 PM
By Adrianne Davis

First Name: Armand

Age: 31

Hometown: Fitchburg, MA

Fan Since: Birth!

1) How did you come to be a Miami Dolphins' fan? And how is it dealing with the non-Phin fan base in your city/town?

I was born in Miami, so I was raised a 'Phins fan. As a kid growing up in Massachusetts a lot of the girls had Dolphins' Starter jackets because they liked the colors- definitely didn't help the situation! Pats fans were definitely relentless- though we got a win in there every now and again.

2) Who is your all-time favorite Dolphin and why?

My all time favorite Dolphin is a tie between Dan Marino and Jason Taylor. As a kid in the late 80's early 90's, Dan was the Man, and after playing defensive end when I for a little older I loved Jason Taylor. Such a force on the field.

'Dolphins v. Chargers Week 5 2008 NFL' photo (c) 2008, Mr. Usaji - license:

3) What is your most prized Miami Dolphins possession?

A Dan Marino card and my father's old school Dolphins' t-shirt from the late 70's early 80's, that I stole from him. I keep it on my wall, but wear it about once a year to the bar.

4) Have you ever had a chance to see the Dolphins play live? Describe your first experience.

First experience was in Miami. I was home on R&R from Iraq in 2006 and got to see the Dolphins DESTROY Brady and the Pats. It was an AWESOME game… Saw them play again at Gillette Stadium a few years later in the bitter cold to a much different outcome… c'est la vie

5)  Do you have friends or family members who are also fans?

I come from a long line of Dolphans.

6) Do you believe that the Dolphins could ever get to another Super Bowl? If so, what would be needed to do so?

The 'Phins can get to another Super Bowl, but unfortunately I don't see it happening soon. I think we are still in a rebuilding phase. Rebuilding from what you ask? …I'm not fully sure. You can't lay all the blame on Sparano, or injuries, or retiring/ leaving veterans. I think they need… ME! "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"

7) What are your hopes for the 2013 season?

Realistically for this season I want a stab at the playoffs. One appearance in the playoffs in the past decade(?) is embarrassing… I think we can do it. Maybe the new uniforms will get them all fired up! GO 'PHINS, WHOOOO!


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