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February 17th, 2017 at 7:48 AM
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Everybody knows what Brandan Wright brings to the table, individually. He is a an excellent PnR player due to his leaping ability and his pinpoint floater. He is also a great team defender and shot-blocker, due to agility coupled with that leaping ability. With only 8 games on his resume for this season, it is difficult to quantify his production on a game to game basis.

So I’ve decided to take a look at Brandan Wright through the purview of every 100 possessions (the average amount of possessions in a game this season is 100.4) that he is on the floor; however, I will not just look at his production, but also the overall effect it has on the team as well.

Keep in mind that Brandan Wright has only appeared in 8 games this season. However, Memphis is 6-2 in those games, with the loss coming against the NBA Finals favorites, the Golden State Warriors and a lackluster effort against the New Orleans Pelicans in the game before the All-Star Break.

Coincidence? Probably, with everybody playing so well. But I say not! Here’s why:

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Brandan Wright is averaging 24.5 points on 57% shooting to go along with 4.5 offensive rebounds, 9 rebounds overall, and 2.7 blocks per 100 possessions this season. That would be good enough for 4th on the team in scoring behind the Big 3 of Gasol, Conley, and Randolph. Brandan Wright will be no more to this team than a back-up center, but this simply paints a picture of how effective he is when on the floor.

As mentioned previously, a big part of Brandan Wright’s scoring output is reliant upon the Pick n’ Roll, which he excels in. A whopping 88.0% of his made two-point field goal attempts are assisted on, which is good for 3rd in the entire NBA among players averaging 13.5 minutes or more per game. What makes this such an asset is obviously his leaping ability, but he does not receive much credit for how quick and agile he is.

Trevor Booker got his calling in this league as a high-intensity defender and rebounder. Look at Brandan Wright abuse him on this slip. By the time Trevor Booker reacts, Brandan Wright is already catching the ball in space. Great body …

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