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The Memphis Grizzlies End of Free Agency

July 9th, 2013 at 11:50 AM
By Hunter Field

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The Memphis Grizzlies have had a relatively quiet offseason. They resigned their emotional leader Tony Allen, drafted Jamaal Franklin and Janis Timma and acquired Kosta Koufos via trade. Jerryd Bayless opted to use his player option for next season, but the Grizz haven't signed anyone through free agency; a move that has disappointed fans around the city. Unfortunately for Memphis, their hands are tied pretty tight as they only have around $4 million left before they get into the luxury tax. They have sign at least one more player to meet the 13-player minimum requirement. This means they need someone cheap.

Shooting is the obvious area they would like to address, but good shooters do not come cheap. Some have suggested the Italian sharp shooter Luigi Datome. The Grizzlies have expressed interest in the prospect, but no one seems to take their interest too seriously. The best shooters like Mike Dunleavy, Kyle Korver and J.J. Redick have been snatched up. The next best shooter left is Anthony Morrow. Morrow played in Dallas last season and is a career 42.2 percent 3-point shooter. After Morrow, the list moves to a tier of players similar to Austin Daye, and Grizzlies fans are all too familiar with how poorly his stint with the Grizzlies played out. 

Playing in a smaller market like Memphis hurts the Grizzlies salary wise because they don't have the luxury of going way over the salary cap to get a bunch of players. They have to be smart with their money. This is one of the reasons trading Rudy Gay was so good. His contract was huge and would have really handcuffed the franchise moving forward. Now, they have a little bit of flexibility although it isn't much.  

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