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2012-2013 Memphis Grizzlies Season Grades: Darrell Arthur

July 5th, 2013 at 12:36 PM
By Hunter Field

'Made in Memphis' photo (c) 2013, Sean Davis - license: Darrell Arthur has battled injuries throughout his career. However, he has always played well when he was healthy, until this season. Defensively, he struggled to defend post isolations and wasn’t a very good help defender. The only thing he was useful for on defense was defending the pick and roll. Other teams knew this, so when Arthur was in the game they attacked the other big forcing Arthur to be the help defender, which caused havoc on the Grizzly defense. Offensively, Arthur usually shoots the mid-range shot at a good clip. This year, his numbers came down, and he shot especially poor out of post isolations. Despite his good health, Arthur took a step back this season and became a liability on both ends of the floor. Perhaps, this season’s performance led the front office to trade him to Denver for Kosta Koufos. 


The fourth-year forward from Kansas averaged 6.1 points and 2.9 rebounds in 16.4 minutes per game off the bench. After shooting 50 percent from the floor in 2011, Arthur’s shooting percentage dropped to 45 percent this year. His rebounds also dropped by two per game. Perhaps the injuries caught up to him. He will have to look to bounce back next season from Denver after spending his first four seasons in Memphis


Season Grade: C-

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