The Form was constructed in 1967, serving as the home of the Los Angeles Kings for 32 consecutive seasons. The team played briefly in Long Beach while The Forum was being constructed. The stadium was renamed the Great Western Forum from 1988 to 2003, and then renamed to its original moniker in 2003. The Forum also served as the home of the Los Angeles Lakers for 23 seasons, the Sparks for 13 seasons, as well as soccer teams and the basketball venue for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

The Staples Center opened in 1999 as a replacement arena for all major sports teams that had previously called The Forum home, which was beginning to age. The Clippers, Lakers, Sparks, and Kings all moved to the Staples Center during its inaugural season, making it one of the most used arenas in all of professional sports. The Staples Center continues to be the premier venue for all events in the Los Angeles area, including WWE matches, X Games, boxing matches, and other sporting activities.