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NHL Rule 38.4- Change in the Rule

June 27th, 2014 at 12:45 AM
By Suzanna Bezyan

The NHL’s Rule 38.4, was not a reviewable goal, but after Thursday’s Board of Governors meeting, the rule will change. Goals that “clearly were not scored in a legal fashion,” will not be allowed.


The Board of Governors also approved the recommendation to give the Situation Room in Toronto more latitude to review goals that may not fit one of the review categories but clearly were not scored in a legal fashion. This is under rule 38.4 in the NHL Rulebook, Situations Subject to Video Review.

An example would be the game-tying goal scored by the Detroit Red Wings against the Los Angeles Kings on Jan. 18. Niklas Kronwall’s shot was deflected off the mesh, came back into play, hit goalie Jonathan Quick’s back and went into the net. Under the current rule that goal was not subject to video review, but if this change is approved the Situation Room would be allowed to review the goal and make a ruling on it.

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