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Bling Circus- Your Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Final Headquarters

June 9th, 2014 at 10:23 AM
By Suzanna Bezyan

In the heart of Los Angeles, lies a place where Los Angeles Kings fans can go to celebrate and discuss their beloved team, it’s not a bar, it’s not a club, it’s a humble mom and pop shop, Bling Circus.

“People call after a huge win to share their emotions! People stop in to talk about last night’s game, or an imminent trade; It's like a sports bar in here, without the alcohol,” said Bling Circus shop owner and operator Coby Goodman.

In the heart of Los Feliz Village, in the midst of restaurants, celebrities, ice cream shops, and a library reads a sign “Stanley Cup Headquarters” and that’s exactly what the store is. On lookers get curious and take a peak inside, and the store does not disappoint.

Merchandise ranges from NFL, MLB, NBA, and unique events such as the World Cup and Super Bowl. But it is the Kings merchandise that’s stocked year round for two reasons, “primarily because of the fact that it is tough to find quality Kings merchandise in L.A. and also because we are huge Kings fans here,” says Goodman. He also added that about one-third of his store is dedicated to the Kings.

Bling Circus carries quality Kings merchandise ranging from shirts, to jerseys, jackets, accessories, hats, memorabilia, and much more. Bling Circus is known for its unique designs such as “My cup size is Stanley” shirts, the “90's Kings Lineup” shirts, the ever so popular “Anaheim Sucks” shirts and Bling’d out “Los Angeles Hockey” shirts (images available on LA Kings 101 Facebook and Twitter). The quality of the unique items is superb and will keep you coming back for more.

So what makes the store different than your typical store that sells sports merchandise? “The fact that we are true die hard sports fans, and especially fans of the Kings!” says Goodman. “When people come in that are true fans, they get a sense of camaraderie, that we are in the same boat, cheering for the same team, going through the same emotions! We are not a store at the mall that carries your standard "mandated" items. Each item is handpicked to appeal to both new fans, and life-long diehards.”

'Los Angeles Kings' photo (c) 2014, .sanden. - license:

In round one when the Kings were trailing fans weren’t buying merchandise with the fears that the Kings wouldn’t move onto the next round. After they were up 2-0 against Anaheim, beat Chicago in Game 7, and won Game 1 and 2 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final, Goodman says “The bandwagon started chugging and people started flowing in. “

Goodman grew up in a household where it wasn’t dad that was the sports fanatic, but mom. Her passion was contagious and inspired the rest of the household. Goodman worked for a corporate company since the age of 16 for over 15 years, climbing to the top of the corporate ladder until he decided he wanted to work somewhere doing something he was passionate about: sports.

“It took me a few years to figure out how to get it done but in the end it happened. Always pursue your dreams. It is about the love of sports for us, not the love of money.”

Goodman was asked if he would open more locations and he said there’s something about the mom and pop store that is irreplaceable. His shop is also open 24 hours, online.

“This is a sports store by a sports fan, for a sports fan.” So stop by and shop, guaranteed you won’t want to leave!

The Bling Circus shop is located at:

1918 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles CA, 90027

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