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The Los Angeles Kings Remain Modest Throughout the Odds Being in Their Favor

June 4th, 2014 at 2:13 AM
By Suzanna Bezyan

Despite making history as many times as they did this season, having a Stanley Cup under their belt, and makings it the Finals for the second time in three season, the players still remain humble, even though the odds point in the favor for the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship.

Predictors, odds men, statisticians, hockey enthusiasts, media, fans, and etc; have predicted the kings winning, but the players, it doesn’t matter for them. They remain, focused, ready to work hard, and earn their win.

Here's what the players said during media day. Quotes courtesy of Jon Rosen of

“It’s the Stanley Cup Finals. I don’t think any team is going to look at themselves as the underdogs. You’re down to two teams, and you want to win, and that’s all it really comes down to. It’s an exciting time of the year to be a part of it. I really don’t care about what the odds say or what you guys are saying about who’s favored and who’s not.” – Matt Greene

“I mean, they’ve obviously done some good things to get here, too. We’ve got to just come out and play our game and not worry about that kind of stuff.” – Trevor Lewis

“We’re just not looking at it that way. It doesn’t matter for us. Obviously they’re doing some really good things to be in this position. Both teams have done it, but now it’s about to take the next step and get it done.”- Anze Kopitar

“I don’t know if we’re the favorites. They’ve got a pretty good team over there, too. It’s a huge challenge for us here. We know what we’re up against, and we’re going to have to leave it all out there.” – Jeff Carter

“Everyone’s zero-zero. As players, we don’t have too much concern over who’s the underdog and who’s the favorite. It’s just about going out and playing. I think you guys have more to say about that. Just because one team’s an underdog, it doesn’t mean they’re going to play any better if they were the favorite. It is what it is. We’ll let you guys chatter about that.” – Mike Richards

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