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Remembering Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis

September 11th, 2013 at 12:27 AM
By Suzanna Bezyan

Los Angeles Kings scouts Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis were flying to Los Angeles 12 years ago today, for the start of the Kings training camp. Unfortunately both were aboard United Flight 175, one of two planes that was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Both Bailey and Bavis’ love for the sport showed in their work, and their passion and fun personalities for the Kings helped create a winning attitude.

Bailey, who was 53, had a tremendous amount of success. With seven Stanley Cup rings, Bailey was set to begin his 33rd season in the NHL as a player or scout. Bailey spent seven years as the Kings director of pro scouting. Prior to that, he spent 13 years as a scout with the Edmonton Oilers. He was Canadian but had strong ties with Boston.

Bavis, who was 31, was a native to the Boston-area, having played his collegiate hockey at Boston University. He was set to start his second season as an amateur scout for the Kings.

In their memory, the Kings and Kings Care Foundation have donated $250,000 to relief efforts for families of fallen New York police officers and firefighters. The Kings have also supported numerous fundraising efforts, from auctioning jerseys to purchasing seats in their name at charity events, dedicating themselves to creating positive outcomes from this horrific tragedy. Each summer for the , the annual Ace Bailey Golf Classic, as hosted by the Manchester Monarchs and The Monarchs Care Foundation, have raised over $360,000 for The Mom’s Place at Catholic Medical Center and the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation Catholic Medical Center and the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation. For the past 12 years to this date, the event has raised more than $350,000 for charity.

The Kings paid tribute to both men after winning the Stanley Cup in 2012, by allowing their families to spend a day with the Cup at the Ground Zero location in New York. Members of the Kings organization visited the memorial site as well .One Kings fan also remembered both men, after the Kings won the Stanley Cup, by leaving a Kings cap beside their names at the Ground Zero memorial site.

The Kings honor them each year by awarding the Ace Bailey Memorial award to their most inspirational player and give the Mark Bavis Memorial award to the best newcomer.

The families of both Bailey and Bavis have established a foundation in their memory. The Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation and the Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation.

To help support each of these men’s lasting legacy and for more information about the memorial foundations established in their names, you can visit and


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