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Thor’sLinks: Chavez and Young scrape out a W

June 1st, 2017 at 4:24 AM
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Ok, so beating the Braves is not the same as beating the Astros or beating the Cubs. But these W’s still count. And hacking up a scrappy W is just the kind of thing a team needs to believe in itself sans Mike Trout. A 3-2 victory powered by a scrappy Eric Young, Jr. backed up a stellar start by Jesse Chavez. This would have made for some pretty solid Major League baseball had it not been for 3 more boneheaded errors by the Braves. Because Jaime Garcia was just as stellar out of the opposing dugout.

(By the way, after a couple of days now staring at New an Improved SBN, being an old fart it finally hit me what it is that has been resonating within my eyeballs. This place looks like 2001: A Space Odyssey with the HAL9000 UI fonts [Eurostile or Microgramma, the debate rages on]……Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop Dave? Stop, Dave….)

Lost Week Links:

A Little Bit of Angels News

America’s Baseball Voters get it right, right when it doesn’t matter. Mike Trout opens up the AL All-Star voting as the League leader with ~777K votes. That is second in all of baseball only to Bryce Harper’s 900K,…………Not that everybody agrees that voters are getting the voting right………….

Trout’s UCL surgery was a success. They also fixed something called a “dorsal capsule”. Not being a medical expert, I am assuming that is a small plastic toy porpoise that comes in a gumball machine at the local Dollar Tree………

Albert Pujols love. Why 600 still matters……….Remember when Albert Pujols was great? Those days were fun……….People are finally starting to admit that Pujols left STL at precisely the best possible time for STL……….

Who are our current Halos worthy of a return should the Troutless Eppler become a seller? Remember, the challenge is always to find that spot of when to be trading HIGH.. And by “high”, I’m talking player value, not decision-impaired………..

AL West recap. Mike Trout is hurt, baseball is cancelled. I share the link with you only so that I can justify stealing the line: “Trout’s absence is equivalent to roughly three normal hitters going on the DL all at once.” and make my Links page far more thought-provoking than it was going to be……….

Interesting factoids posted over at reddit. The Angels are the most successful team less than 100 years old.

Long form. Deadspin reprints a GQ article first published way back in 1990. What Broke Donnie Moore?. I don’t know why they reprinted the story yesterday. But there are many untold points of interest in that story. For one, Bob Boone’s comment about the quality of Moore’s forgettable 3-2 pitch to Henderson……..

Josh Mayhood’s Library of Mike Trout Hagiography

This section placed on hold indefinitely, in memory of …

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