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Pro Football Talk Unveils the Kansas City Chiefs “Mount Rushmore”

June 25th, 2013 at 2:27 PM
By Aaron Friedland

NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk has been asking fans to vote for who they believe should be on their teams "Mount Rushmores" and PFT will reveal all 32 team's final four. On Thursday, PFT unveiled the Chiefs edition of their Mount Rushmore as fans decided on these four icons:

'Chiefs Game' photo (c) 2008, Out.of.Focus - license:

Hank Stram – Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach (1960-1974)

Len Dawson – Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs QB (1962-1975)

Derrick ThomasKansas City Chiefs LB (1989-1999)

Tony GonzalezKansas City Chiefs TE (1997-2008)

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk included Stram, Dawson, and Chiefs middle linebacker Willie Lanier in three of the spots with Thomas and Gonzalez being a toss up for the fourth. He claimed that both players were dominant at their positions but did not enjoy very much success with the Chiefs. Gonzalez never won a postseason game in Kansas City and while Thomas won a few, Florio also mentioned the tragic circumstances of Thomas' death that became a factor in his decision to put #58 in the fourth slot. In fact, PFT ended up putting both Derrick Thomas and Tony Gonzalez on the Chiefs Mount Rushmore and taking Lanier out. 

Regardless of the combination, all of these Chiefs will always be legends in Kansas City. All are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the exception of Tony Gonzalez, who will be a no doubt first ballot Hall of Famer once he decides to finally hang them up.

However, a man who should have been a no-brainer on the Chiefs Mount Rushmore that came in a close fifth in the fan voting, was team founder Lamar Hunt. Without Hunt's vision, who knows where the NFL would be today. He was the founder of the American Football League (AFL) that eventually would merge with the NFL to become the powerhouse league that it is today. Hunt came up with the term "Super Bowl" that became the licensed name of the NFL championship. A man who was denied an NFL expansion franchise, Hunt founded his own team, the Dallas Texans in his own league, the AFL. After having a hard time competing with the already Texas team the Dallas Cowboys, Hunt decided to move the team to Kansas City to become the Kansas City Chiefs. 

So without Lamar Hunt, there might never have been a football team in the City of Fountains. He is not only enshrined in NFL history but he will always be the legendary owner and team founder of the Chiefs. And that is why his statue stands tall and proud outside Arrowhead Stadium.

Who is on your Chiefs Mount Rushmore?

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