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WR Terrell Owens Lists the Kansas City Chiefs as One Team That He Would Fit Best

June 12th, 2013 at 2:10 PM
By Aaron Friedland

Can we see a reunion in Kansas City? WR Terrell Owens, a former player under head coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia, has been looking to get another shot in the NFL. He recently was a member of the Seattle Seahawks last year during training camp, but the team released him before the regular season. So Owens did not play in 2012 and is still seeking to play football.

At age 39 and with the position he plays being a young man's position, the opportunities for T.O. are not much, if any. But recently in an interview with the NFL Network's show "NFL AM" Owens talked about where his mindset is at and if there has been any interest in his services.

"Nothing as of right now. So I understand the process. Obviously teams are really taking a closer look in evaluating their younger players. Being a free agent, I understand that later in the months as training camp starts, they'll start looking for veterans."

'IMG_4570' photo (c) 2009, jpglive2 - license: is right in the fact that teams do look for veterans as training camp and the preseason progresses. But that doesn't necessarily mean teams will be interested in him.

He also mentioned on the show that he would fit best on a team that runs the West Coast offense, naming the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings as examples. Playing under coach Reid in the past has given Owens the idea of possibly reuniting in KC. Whether Reid and the Chiefs would look into that idea is another story. 

At one time T.O. was arguably one of the best, if not the best, wideout in the game. However, controversies and distractions he has caused with his previous teams gave Owens the reputation of a bad teammate and a cancer in the locker room. While in San Francisco, he had issues with QB Jeff Garcia and took some personal shots at him while also having shouting matches with his receivers coach. In Philadelphia, Owens claimed that Donovan McNabb was sick during the Super Bowl and the reason they did not win. And in Dallas, he had some opinions about QB Tony Romo and wanted the ball thrown to him more.

T.O. has the reputation of dividing locker rooms and causing headaches for coaches and front offices. Although he is a workout freak and always keeps himself in great shape, teams are wary about bringing him in. His age also has something to do with that and with the amount of talent in the league, general managers are not desperate to take a chance. But that can always change.

Chiefs Nation: Would you want the Chiefs to give Terrell Owens a shot?


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