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CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora Has One Kansas City Chief in Each of His NFL’s Best and Worst Contracts

June 5th, 2013 at 9:50 PM
By Aaron Friedland

NFL insider Jason La Canfora of uses this time of year, when minicamps take place and training camp well over a month away, to analyze player value and salaries by position on each team. He put together lists of the worst contracts and the best steals in the NFL and he has one Chiefs player on both lists.

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New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez starts off the list as one of the worst contracts in the league with a cap hit of $12.9 million in 2013. As NFL fans know, Sanchez has not enjoyed much success in gang green in recent seasons. And of course atop his list of the best steals are quarterbacks Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick. Although Brady will make $31M next year in the first year of a redone deal, he will only make $26 million over the course of the last four years of the contract which will make the average-per-year basis at $9M for arguably the best QB of all-time. Kaepernick, who took now Chiefs QB Alex Smith's job in San Francisco last season, will make less than a million dollars this year, similar to what Rex Grossman makes as a third stringer in Washington. 

Also on La Canfora's list of the worst contracts is Chiefs TE Anthony Fasano.

Anthony FasanoKansas City Chiefs ($5.8M cash; $2.4 cap): The Dolphins' offense needed major help and they were tossing around millions like candy, and, well they didn't think Fasano had anything to offer, and he hasn't done much lately. But the Chiefs were quick to snap him up. Maybe Andy Reid knows something the rest of the league doesn't, but this free-agent signing had a lot of people scratching their heads in March. 

Considering that Andy Reid's offense demands lots of play from its tight ends and Tony Moeaki has struggled with injuries lately, some would say this signing made plenty of sense. Five touchdowns a year ago for the Dolphins isn't too bad either for Fasano, who also played with a rookie quarterback.

On the list of the best deals in the National Football League is RB Jamaal Charles.

Jamaal CharlesKansas City Chiefs ($3M cash; $4.3M cap): Similar story here (as RB C.J. Spiller). Too few touches, and explosive plays when the ball is in his hands. Andy Reid's offense should be a perfect fit, and there should be plenty of receptions for him as well. When you consider that Maurice Jones-Drew, coming off a season lost to injuries and not as in his prime as these two (Spiller and JC), is set to make $5 million this season, you see what a steal these two are. 

Not a surprise that Charles is getting praised for something. If not his play, it's his contract. Not only is Charles' contract a steal, but he himself was a steal when the Chiefs drafted him in the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft. When healthy, he is one of the best backs in the league. And in a new offense in 2013, Jamaal's value should only increase. 

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