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Kansas City Chiefs are Ranked 24th in the Latest CBS Sports’ NFL Power Rankings

May 21st, 2013 at 3:03 PM
By Aaron Friedland

It's still May and we are still a couple months away from training camp and another couple months away from the regular season, but that doesn't stop different sources from coming out and updating the NFL Power Rankings. In the latest rankings, Pete Prisco has the Denver Broncos atop the list as the Super Bowl favorites at this point in 2013. After all, they are a deep and talented team that also has a QB named Peyton Manning. But as football fans, we know the relevancy of Power Rankings these days. They are just as important as the grade a team gets after the NFL Draft; it means absolutely nothing. Rounding out the top five, Prisco has from two through five in this order: San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, and the Seattle Seahawks. Further down the list you will find the Kansas City Chiefs ranked at 24, not surprisingly since Prisco will not give the Chiefs any credit until they show they can prove themselves.

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#24 – Kansas City Chiefs

It's all on Alex Smith. Can he take a team with some talent and turn it into a playoff contender? I don't think so.

Some talent huh? Six Pro Bowlers a year ago not including guys like WR Dwayne Bowe, CB Brandon Flowers, or LT Branden Albert, who aren't too bad themselves. This team has got more than just "some talent" and now it has a QB who has played with good talent while in San Francisco and an experienced head coach who's won his fair share of games, including playoff games. This was a team that was expected by some NFL experts to compete last year for a playoff spot and instead finished with the first pick in the draft. So 2013 should be a different story.

But with two wins last season, the Chiefs shouldn't be ranked high in the early Power Rankings. In fact, at 24 that is a huge jump from the last three spots that the Chiefs bounced around from in 2012. But for the Chiefs to earn respect in 2013, they will have to prove they can play well together in all three phases, win games, and compete with the favorites. They will play the donkeys twice this season just like every other season, and the Broncos are not going anywhere anytime soon. So the boys in red and gold will have their chances to show how much they have improved in one year.

The fan base's expectations this season are higher than normal from a team that just finished 2-14 last year. Multiple Pro Bowlers, a proven head coach and QB, and several other acquisitions will create that hope amongst Chiefs fans. Power Rankings in the spring are one thing, but the Power Rankings in the fall/winter are the real thing.


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