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Kansas City Chiefs considered longshots by Vegas to sign Adrian Peterson

The latest odds are out concerning where Adrian Peterson could land and the Kansas City Chiefs are considered longshots.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs need to pick up Dee Ford’s contract option

The Kansas City Chiefs have a few weeks left to make a decision on a former first round pick, Dee Ford, and his looming fifth-year option.

Chiefs draft rumors: Cornerback class is deepest in 10 years, says John Dorsey

John Dorsey says the cornerback class in this year's NFL Draft is the deepest he's seen in 10 years, which means going back to his Packers days.

2017 NFL Draft interview: New Mexico State center Anthony McMeans

New Mexico State center Anthony McMeans is working out on the side, caring for his young family and hoping to hear his name called on NFL Draft weekend.

NFL Draft rumors: Reuben Foster’s stock as “dropped dramatically”

Reuben Foster continues to have an unimpressive offseason leading up to the NFL Draft. Will it be enough to knock him out of the first round?

Dear John Dorsey: Go get the Kansas City Chiefs a quarterback

The Kansas City Chiefs and GM John Dorsey are in the perfect position to target a quarterback that they really want in the draft and go get him.

NFL Draft rumors: Could Deshaun Watson fall out of the first round?

Could the Clemson Tigers quarterback fall out of the first round? The latest rumors about Deshaun Watson indicate that he could.

John Dorsey: Kansas City Chiefs schedule is “best” in five years

Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey says the Chiefs regular season schedule is the "best" since he first arrived in 2013.

Fans aren’t pleased as Chiefs raise game-day parking to $60

The Kansas City Chiefs have raised the cost of game-day parking to $60, as they encourage fans to plan to pay ahead of time.

What if the Chiefs trade the farm for a quarterback?

On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast, Joshua Brisco breaks down the options that the Chiefs have in the upcoming NFL Draft.


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