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Kansas City Chiefs: All Four Pro Bowlers End up on Same Roster

All four Chiefs end up on same Pro Bowl roster. Jamaal Charles taken fifth.

Kansas City Chiefs Sign 19 to Reserve/Future Contracts; Tyler Bray Has Torn ACL

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed 19 players to a reserve/future contract. Will any make an impact?

Kansas City Chiefs’ Pro Bowl Participants Await Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs landed four on the Pro Bowl roster for 2015. How many of them will end up on the same team?

Beating Both Super Bowl Teams Doesn’t Really Mean Much, Except It Does

How much does it really mean that the Kansas City Chiefs defeated both Super Bowl teams? Actually, a lot.

Forty-Eight Years Ago to the Day, the Kansas City Chiefs Played in the First Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs played a part in history, by participating in the first Super Bowl. They fell to the Green Bay Packers, but will forever be linked with the iconic game.