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Another Game Down, and More Changes for the Colts

August 19th, 2014 at 11:17 PM
By Daniel Melin

After a close 27-26 loss to the reinvigorated offense of the New York Giants, the Colts are continuing to make their preseason adjustments. While the Colts held them for much of the game, the Giants earned two touchdowns in the final four minutes to steal the game in its final moments.

As for positive news, Hakeem Nicks caught five passes for 53 yards, making him the leading receiver of the night. Nicks did not score a touchdown, but his second quarter opening play was a 17 yard reception that lead to a 47 yard field goal from Adam Vinatieri.

Andrew Luck was also passing reliably, completing 12 out of 18 passes. Both he and Matt Hasselbeck passed for a touchdown.

With the game against the New Orlean Saints quickly approaching on Saturday, much speculation is in the air about Reggie Wayne. While Wayne has repeatedly said that he is ready to return to the field during game time, Coach Pagano still has reservations about letting him fully return.

Pagano was recently quoted as saying, "There's a possibility. We're managing that thing and keeping a close eye on him. From a physical standpoint, (we) make sure there's not too much wear and tear on that knee early on and coming back and all those things. We're going to monitor him this week and see how he goes."

However, one player will certainly not be making an appearance. Safety Delano Howell has sought treatment from a specialist, who will help to further inform him about how to proceed with his neck injury. His injury was responsible for him missing two weeks of practice, and is potentially career ending.

The Colts will face the New Orlean Saints this Saturday, at Lucas Oil Stadium. Kick off is 8:00 P.M.

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