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First Game Finished, and Full of Surpises

August 9th, 2014 at 3:14 PM
By Daniel Melin

The Colts may have lost to the New York Jets Thursday night in a 13-10 game, but the final score isn't what most will remember about the game. It was a night full of expected turns, twists, and even a few pleasant surprises.

Keith Allison / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The preseason opener took place in the Meadowlands, where things quickly turned negative for the Colts quickly, as starting center Khaled Holmes was injured on the opening drive. He was seen grabbing his leg, and attempting to get up, before laying down and waiting for medical attention. After examination from the trainers, he was able to limp off field.

Today he underwent an MRI scan, where it was found he sprained his ankle. It has not been said how many games he will miss, but it is likely he will return later in the season.

Holmes' opening was filled by Jonotthan Harrison, who unfortunately snapped the ball too early on only his second down. In a post-game interview, he claimed he was nervous about his first NFL game, and that he would make it a point to make sure it didn't happen again.

Additional bad news is that Holmes was not the only injury of the game. Daniel Adongo, former rugby player and current outside linebacker, also left the game due to a bicep injury. Linemen Ulrick John and Jeris Pendleton received a right ankle and right knee injury, respectively. 

Another unexpected moment for the Colts last night came not on the field, but on the internet. Chris Rainey, who was waived from the team on July 28th, made statements from his twitter feed that gave insight into his leaving the team.  In one tweet, he expressed frustration on not being with the team, and then in another congratulated Daniel Heron while saying "u was in the hallway with me that nite when we was horsing around with that fire extinguisher. Man up like I did." This is the first time he has shed light on the circumstances which lead to his dismissal from the team, which Coach Pagano has made clear had nothing to do with his performance.

But there was more to Thursday night than drama and injury. Despite being outscored by the Jets, the Colts' offense performed well,  with T.Y. Hilton performing admirably. Trent Richardson also made several runs, which could be hints at further development, while running back Dan Herron achieved six catches and seven carries.

On the defensive end, linebacker Henoc Muamba stole the show and showed he meant business by racking up twelve tackles. 

It was also a big night for Erik Swoope, who played his first downs of football ever as a tight end. He has called the experience "exhilarating," and "a big learning experience," will surely see more playtime in the next few weeks.

The Colts will continue their training camp in Anderson, Indiana, and prepare for their August 16th game against the New York Giants

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