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Colts Training Camp Officially Begins at Anderson University

July 25th, 2014 at 12:21 AM
By Daniel Melin

After a long and eventful offseason, the time has come for the Colts to come together at their yearly training camp. For the next three weeks, the team will practice at Anderson University in order to get in shape for the rapidly approaching season.

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Perhaps the biggest news so far has been the arrival of Reggie Wayne to camp. Wayne, who only recently was cleared to participate in the camp, has been known for making a grand entrance. This year he made one of his biggest statements yet by arriving in an IndyCar driven by Ed Carpenter, a professional IndyCar driver and graduate of Butler University. 

But the car was more than just a flashy entrance. Wayne was quoted as saying, "It's a sign for the Colts. We need to come out moving with some speed. This is one way of entering camp with the motto for the team."

With a number of players lost to injury last season, and two more suspended during the offseason, his words are likely a sign that the team is aware they have to find their feet quickly, and make the best of what they have. The team has yet to release a full depth chart, but one will likely develop as training camp continues. Both Vick Ballard and Ahmad Bradshaw will be participating at camp, having been recently released from the injured reserve.

Training camp is also a popular site for fans, who are welcome to watch the team play and run drills. The team has also used the camp to engage fans in philanthropy. A donation to Goodwill made at the training camp will earn the donator a pair of Colt's sunglasses, and those with Goodwill Rewards Cards will have a chance to win tickets to the September 15th game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Camp will continue in Anderson for the next three weeks, were more announcements and developments are expected to be made.

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