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Donte Moncrief Signed and Ready to Go

May 31st, 2014 at 3:59 PM
By Daniel Melin

This week the Colts signed Donte Moncrief, who will join the team's excellent selection of wide receivers. Moncrief is the last of the Colt's draft picks to be signed, but has already been building a lot of excitement.

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The 6'2" player can run 40 meters in 4.40 seconds, which made him the third fastest at the combine. To top it off, he also has an 11' vertical leap, and an 87" wingspan. If that weren't enough, he has a proven record of putting up big numbers.

Before his signing, Moncrief played for the University of Mississippi, where he was second on the team for receptions, but lead the way in yardage. He has the fourth and second place record for a single season at the school, and in 2012 was sixth in the conference for 86 receptions. Moncrief was also second in games over 100 yards with nine. For his success on the field his junior year, he earned an All-American honorable mention.

Not only did have have an average 16 yards per reception, but of his last 16 touchdown receptions, 13 were greater than 20 yards.

Surprisingly enough, Moncrief was in the draft until the third round, when the Colts were more than happy to add him to the team. Ryan Grigson even stated, "He's not a guy we thought was going to be in there at three." 

While Moncrief may initially be deep on the team's roster, he may still get a fair amount of game time. Reggie Wayne will be back after his torn ACL, but it is yet to be seen how he will hold up once the season resumes. Hakeem Nicks will also be back for a one-year tryout phase, but is not under contract. Even if this season doesn't get him on the field much, he will still have plenty of for mentoring under the team's already powerful wide receiver selection.

As he gears up for his first NFL season, only time will tell what he is capable of.

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