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Famous Name Faceoff: Colts 101 Weekly Pick’em Week 17

December 27th, 2013 at 11:03 PM
By Steven Wright

It's playoff time.

Yes, it's the last week of the regular season, but the postseason essentially begins Sunday when teams will be fighting for their lives and a chance to put themselves in position for at least one more game to be played while everyone else goes home.

If there was any postseason here at Colts 101, the positions were known weeks ago.

Chris Brown gave a valiant effort in his first year of the pick'em contest, but I was able to win the competition for the first time in the third season of the competition. Heading into the final week, I sit at 156-83, with Chris at 133-106.

Chris will look to make it respectable this week, as well as provide hope for some teams who need a lot of it to make the playoffs, while myself will continue to keep my picking skills sharp as we head into postseason.

As always, we select games straight up, and not for gambling purposes.

Onto our week 17 picks:

Carolina at Atlanta

Chris: Panthers – Helps Cam Newton will continue to play, and should win by at least 17.

Steven: Panthers – Secures the No. 2-seed in the NFC and first NFC South title since 2008.

Baltimore at Cincinnati

Chris: Bengals – Great match up to end the year with and will be a close one. Guessing a field goal at the end.

Steven: Ravens – Cincinnati will choke its way into a tough playoff game. However, don't be so sure Baltimore is in the playoffs.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis

Chris: Colts – Can't let Jacksonville come in and win at this point of the year.

Steven: Colts – Spoilers: Indianapolis ends as the No. 3-seed because of later results. Still a win for this team.

New York Jets at Miami

Chris: Jets – No reason Miami should have gotten shut out by Buffalo. Sign this team overplayed itself down the stretch.

Steven: Dolphins – Miami could have assured its spot without a bonehead loss last week. Still might get in.

Detroit at Minnesota

Chris: Lions – Minnesota too up and down to even win at home.

Steven: Lions – Week too late for Detroit, and nearly picked Minnesota to win here in a close one.

Washington at New York Giants

Chris: Giants – New York playing better, which isn't hard against Washington.

Steven: Giants – The bad NFC East game this week. It was a close call though between the two of them.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Chris: Steelers – Should be a thrashing.

Steven: Steelers – Pittsburgh still gone from the playoffs in consecutive years for the first time since 1998-2000.

Houston at Tennessee

Chris: Titans – Intentional loss coming up by Houston.

Steven: Titans – Give Houston that top pick.

San Francisco at Arizona

Chris: 49ers – Early chance for a knockout in playoff style and San Francisco is playing well.

Steven: Cardinals – Yes, Arizona will not make the playoffs still at 11-5. No, nothing needs to be done about this. There were multiple good teams this season, and Arizona lost to New Orleans.

Green Bay at Chicago

Chris: Packers – Chicago forgot to show up last week, and may not again on Sunday.

Steven: Bears – I'm sticking with Chicago to win the NFC North over a rusty Aaron Rodgers.

Buffalo at New England

Chris: Patriots – Finish strong in New England, who know they need to play well against Buffalo who played them well earlier.

Steven: Patriots – Should be no let up in assuring themselves a bye.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans

Chris: Saints – Will know they're fate ahead of time, but still will play it out.

Steven: Saints – New Orleans at home means a win. Next week on the road again though.

Denver at Oakland

Chris: Broncos – Peyton Manning will assure himself of the TD record, reviewed or not.

Steven: Broncos – Surprised there hasn't been more 'should Peyton Manning sit?' talk this week. Answer is no.

Kansas City at San Diego

Chris: Chargers – This is probably the upset of the week, as Kansas City's defense keeps getting weaker.

Steven: Chargers – Baltimore is saddened, Miami rejoices as the No. 6-seed and a rematch in Indianapolis.

St. Louis at Seattle

Chris: Seahawks – Not going to lose two in a row at home.

Steven: Seahawks – Bit of a shocker by Seattle last week, but they're still the top seed.

Philadelphia at Dallas

Chris: Cowboys – Kyle Orton means sticking to the running game, which is a factor people aren't taking into account. Passing will equal another loss.

Steven: Eagles – There was no discussion on this game before Tony Romo's injury. Philadelphia rolls and embarrasses Dallas again in the last week of the season.

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