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Famous Name Faceoff: Colts 101 Weekly Pick’em Week 16

December 21st, 2013 at 1:49 AM
By Steven Wright

A surprise collection of NFL games in week 15 helped produce the first time in five weeks Chris Brown or myself failed to select 10 games correctly.

It also did not do Chris any favors in trying to play catch up late in the year, as he fell further behind for the third straight week.

Chris is now a season high 20 games back, sitting at 125-98, with myself at 145-78 this year.

As always, we select games straight up, and not for gambling purposes.

Onto our week 16 picks:

Miami at Buffalo

Chris: Dolphins – Miami has a chance for the playoffs officially now, and should play their hearts out.

Steven: Dolphins – Thad Lewis is not anything up to par for what Buffalo wants to do.

New Orleans at Carolina

Chris: Panthers – Cam Newton will make sure they're ready to go in a tight game.

Steven: Panthers – New Orleans has road troubles just as we saw against St. Louis.

Minnesota at Cincinnati

Chris: Vikings – Cincinnati against a struggling team was bad last week, and any given Sunday these things happen.

Steven: Bengals – Minnesota shot a lot of what it had left last week and should be done for the rest of the year.

Denver at Houston

Chris: Broncos – Houston's losing streak won't be snapped the rest of the year.

Steven: Broncos – Houston flat out gave up last week against the Colts and looked like they were ready to end the season.

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Chris: Jaguars – Playing excellent against the AFC South this year and should continue.

Steven: Jaguars – Ditto on Chris's thoughts on this game.

Indianapolis at Kansas City

Chris: Chiefs – Indianapolis has disappointed most of the time and might get down early again.

Steven: Colts – I disagree. Indianapolis has at least played really well from the start against most of the quality teams they've played.

Cleveland at New York Jets

Chris: Browns – Cleveland is the better team overall, and should be fine.

Steven: Jets – It's crazyville in New York, and this will be a good crazy week.

Tampa Bay at St. Louis

Chris: Rams – After last week's amazing win against New Orleans, it's tough to think St. Louis' momentum won't carry over.

Steven: Rams – One of the last true teams that to the run game and really want to pound it out, should be the difference.

Dallas at Washington

Chris: Cowboys – Dallas is another huge disappointment, and Kirk Cousins is not playing bad. If Dallas wants to make the playoffs, they know they need to win and I think they finally do.

Steven: Redskins – It's over Cowboys fans. Well, it was over awhile ago, but it's over now.

New York Giants at Detroit

Chris: Lions – Chances slimming to be in the playoffs now, but shouldn't have to worry about winning this one.

Steven: Lions – Detroit feeling down after letting one get away, but should be focused after a short turnaround.

Arizona at Seattle

Chris: Seahawks – Seattle all the way against a good team, which isn't losing at home.

Steven: Seahawks – Seattle isn't going to leave the Northeast again until the Super Bowl.

New England at Baltimore

Chris: Patriots – New England responds well to tough losses.

Steven: Patriots – A de facto playoff elimination game for Baltimore.

Pittsburgh at Green Bay

Chris: Steelers – Pittsburgh clearly manhandled Cincinnati, and could do the same this week.

Steven: Steelers – Yes, Matt Flynn is playing well, but Pittsburgh's defense is playing better.

Oakland at San Diego

Chris: Chargers – Still something to play for in San Diego.

Steven: Chargers – No quarterback for Oakland still.

Chicago at Philadelphia

Chris: Bears – Chicago is going to go in and start spoiling things for Philadelphia.

Steven: Eagles – Big time battle and should be a high scoring affair.

Atlanta at San Francisco

Chris: 49ers – San Francisco a powerhouse against any lowly team this year.

Steven: 49ers – Have to agree, but I think Atlanta keeps it close.

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