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Famous Name Faceoff: Colts 101 Weekly Pick’em Week 15

December 12th, 2013 at 7:12 PM
By Steven Wright

The NFL playoff race continues to heat up as we head into the final three weeks of the season.

However, the Colts 101 pick'em competition is all but over.

Steven went a magnificent 14-2 last week, correctly picking all seven games that he and Chris Brown differed on to nearly seal the deal in the year-long contest.

Sitting at 136-71 for the season, Steven now holds an 18-game lead on Chris, who is at 118-89, with 48 games left to decide between the two of us. In other words, Chris needs to get over one-third of the final games right over Steven to have a chance.

It won't stop either from attempting to get the best record they can in picking games this season though, as Chris has plainly stated it's going to be a fight to the end.

As always, we select games straight up, and not for gambling purposes.

Onto our week 15 picks:

(NOTE: The remainder of selections from Chris will be included prior to the start of games on Sunday.)

San Diego at Denver

Chris: Broncos – Simplifying this pick as plainly picking the better squad.

Steven: Broncos – San Diego has a lot to play for in this game, but are going to have a tough time keeping up in Denver.

Washington at Atlanta

Chris: Falcons – Tough pick here, with both playing poorly, but Atlanta had a good showing last week.

Steven: Redskins – I have no problems with Kirk Cousins starting the rest of the season, and hope Robert Griffin III can come back healthy next season.

Chicago at Cleveland

Chris: Bears – Cleveland has a great chance in this one with a good defense, but Chicago needs the playoff push.

Steven: Bears – Robbed on the road last week, Cleveland will fall behind early and not worry about that happening again.

Houston at Indianapolis

Chris: Colts – Indianapolis has to find a way to look good, and this is a good chance to get things straightened out.

Steven: Colts – This could be a defining game if Indianapolis cannot get it together on defense.

Buffalo at Jacksonville

Chris: Jaguars – Shame for Jacksonville the hot streak is starting so late.

Steven: Jaguars – Majority of Jacksonville's success has been against its divisional mates, but Buffalo failed to show up in one trip to Florida last week already.

New England at Miami

Chris: Patriots – Cleveland should have beaten this team last week, and Miami has looked good throughout the year, but not lately.

Steven: Patriots – A gift wrapped win allowed New England to keep pace for the top seed last week, should get another challenge this week.

Philadelphia at Minnesota

Chris: Eagles – Philadelphia is playing great, and you know Dallas is rooting hard against them now.

Steven: Eagles – Already have the upper hand for the NFC East and could all but close the door this week.

Seattle at New York Giants

Chris: Seahawks – Giants just look done now at this point of the year.

Steven: Seahawks – Strongly considered New York here with the 1 p.m. start, but Seattle's defense is strong enough to hold off a challenge.

San Francisco at Tampa Bay

Chris: Buccaneers – Upset of the week, with San Francisco on too much of a high.

Steven: 49ers – A huge win for San Francisco last week, and cannot afford a letdown in another game that will be closer than you think.

New York Jets at Carolina

Chris: Panthers – Carolina could really use this one to help out its confidence.

Steven: Panthers – Yes, the Jets showed up last week, so it's time for another fall off against Carolina.

Kansas City at Oakland

Chris: Chiefs – Back on track after last week's win and should beat a game Oakland team.

Steven: Chiefs – A win locks up the 5-seed at worst, and a probably matchup against Indianapolis twice and three weeks when the playoffs begin.

Green Bay at Dallas

Chris: Cowboys - A back up QB should be an advantage for Dallas, but it wasn't last week. However, I think Green Bay isn't on par when Chicago.

Steven: Cowboys – Winner stays alive for another week, loser is going to be done this year. Dallas at least looks better at home.

New Orleans at St. Louis

Chris: Saints – St. Louis has blown their chance to grow. Could be a close one still, but New Orleans should win easily.

Steven: Saints – Top seed is back in play, but still unlikely for New Orleans.

Arizona at Tennessee

Chris: Cardinals – Haven't thought much of them still this year, but might try and bandwagon them now.

Steven: Cardinals – Arizona could end up being the best team not to make the playoffs this year.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

Chris: Bengals – Cincinnati playing as well as anyone. Going into Pittsburgh and a win solidifies them as a team to beat.

Steven: Steelers – Cincinnati struggles against its AFC North rival, and Pittsburgh will be in their heads once again.

Baltimore at Detroit

Chris: Lions – Weather was the only thing keeping them down last week, and it isn't a factor in a dome.

Steven: Ravens – A lot on the line, and I expect Baltimore's defense to stifle a one-dimensional Detroit attack.

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