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Famous Name Faceoff: Colts 101 Weekly Pick’em Week 14

December 5th, 2013 at 5:48 PM
By Steven Wright

A great week of games loom ahead with over half of the 12 teams in the playoffs facing off against one another.

This brings the sink or swim model of evaluating their chances to stay alive up, as each result is going to have a major impact on the remainder of the individual races.

The same goes for the pick'em contest at Colts 101, as Steven gained a game back last week, and Chris is on the brink of looking at long odds to make a comeback.

Steven has gone back 11 games up on Chris, sitting at 122-69 to 111-80.

As always, we select games straight up, and not for gambling purposes.

Onto our week 14 picks:

Houston at Jacksonville

Chris: Jaguars – They are surprisingly looking like the better team going into this week, and I expect them to keep that streak going.

Steven: Jaguars – Didn't think I would ever go with Jacksonville in a game this season.

Minnesota at Baltimore

Chris: Vikings – Upset of the week.

Steven: Ravens – Peaking at the right time and in the playoffs as of this week.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati

Chris: Bengals – Not liking how Indianapolis is playing anymore, and Cincinnati is rolling through the opposition.

Steven: Bengals – Huge game for playoff seeding, but I can't feel good about the Colts' offensive line right now.

Atlanta at Green Bay

Chris: Falcons – I'm continuing my 'no Aaron Rodgers, no win' philosophy of picking.

Steven: Packers – Must win to have any chance of staying alive in their now slim playoff hopes.

Cleveland at New England

Chris: Patriots – Uh, duh.

Steven: Patriots – Josh Gordon may need a 300-yard receiving game, and even that might not be enough to win.

Oakland at New York Jets

Chris: Raiders – I haven't like the Jets all season, and they're finally reaching a complete falling apart point. I like how Oakland played against Dallas.

Steven: Jets – They couldn't look much worse the past two weeks, so of course the Jets will win this one.

Detroit at Philadelphia

Chris: Lions – As a Dallas fan, it'd be nice for Philadelphia to lose, but I really think Detroit has the upper hand in this one.

Steven: Eagles – Nick Foles won't keep up his hot start for long, but this may be the only game between them and the inside track for the NFC East crown.

Miami at Pittsburgh

Chris: Steelers – Have to think Pittsburgh has a chance at the playoffs still, and it will carry enough momentum with it to win this one, but not to make the postseason.

Steven: Steelers – This is a tough pick, as Miami is better than its record. Sticking with the home team.

Buffalo at Tampa Bay

Chris: Bills – Good chance for a win, and an easy one at that too.

Steven: Buccaneers – Not much to think other than Tampa Bay is playing as a better team right now.

Kansas City at Washington

Chris: Chiefs – Washington is done this year.

Steven: Chiefs – On the other hand, Washington is a mess and should give Kansas City a chance to get off its losing streak.

Tennessee at Denver

Chris: Broncos – If Tennessee couldn't catch this Indianapolis team when it's down, they won't win at Mile High.

Steven: Broncos – Indianapolis clinches its division crown.

St. Louis at Arizona

Chris: Cardinals – St. Louis might fade now after last week's loss.

Steven: Cardinals – Arizona has yet to win a division game, which might be a good idea this week.

New York Giants at San Diego

Chris: Chargers – East to west coast doesn't go well for the Giants usually.

Steven: Chargers – Still alive in the AFC wild card race, but need this one with a challenging ending schedule.

Seattle at San Francisco

Chris: Seahawks – Seattle is just a Super Bowl type team right now.

Steven: 49ers – Home teams win in this series (8 of last 9.)

Carolina at New Orleans

Chris: Panthers – This should be a great game, but I think New Orleans could have a hangover from last week's drubbing.

Steven: Saints – What's with all the playoff games this week? Carolina win streak ends at eight.

Dallas at Chicago

Chris: Cowboys – Both should be playoff type teams, neither playing like it. My gut says Dallas could be a different team down the stretch though.

Steven: Cowboys – No Lance Briggs should help out Tony Romo is a key contest.

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