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Indianapolis Colts Want Points in Second Preseason Test

August 17th, 2013 at 8:43 PM
By Steven Wright

Scoring points is a key to winning any football game, but working on doing so is exactly what the Indianapolis Colts plan to work on during its second preseason outing on Sunday, Aug. 18.

The team heads to MetLife Stadium to face the New York Giants hoping to develop more playing time for the first teamers on both sides of the ball. Specifically, head coach Chuck Pagano sees 25 to 30 plays as an ideal number for quarterback Andrew Luck, with the possibility of staying in for a two-minute drill drive should the half permit for one.

 Luck said he knows what is expected out of his time on the field and improving off the first game is a must.

"We got to get points on the board," Luck said. "However long we’re playing, positive drives ending in points. That’s sort of our goal."

Against the Buffalo Bills on Aug. 11, Luck and the first team did not score in their two drives on the field, and the defense and special teams in whole were gashed for 44 points.

"We got things calmed down in the first half of that game once (C.J.) Spiller got out a couple times," Pagano said. "We got to be more consistent across the board, special teams, coverage units, those things we got to get cleaned up."

The Colts have been far from healthy for most of training camp, notably losing tight ends Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener, along with safety Laron Landry.

All three are expected to be unavailable Sunday, but first round draft pick Bjoern Werner should see his first action in the NFL.

"I was so anxious last week to play but then it was like a game-time decision and now I just can’t wait to get out there and finally play again," Werner said. "It’s my first game in a long time. I’m really excited.”

One man does not make a team though, which the Colts are hoping to continue putting together in New York.

According to Pagano, every part of the field still has someone watching how positions are progressing, and the way players respond to injuries will be a larger focus.

Training camp may be over, but getting ready for week one of the NFL season still has Pagano and his staff's full attention.

"I thought we made progress and I thought we got a lot out of this camp," Pagano said. "Obviously from game one to game two we are looking forward to playing on a national stage on Sunday night in New York and we will just see how far we came progress-wise.”

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