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NFL Pickem: Super Bowl XLVII Edition

February 3rd, 2013 at 8:16 AM
By Chuck Chapman

While I won the regular season contest, Steven rallied and carries a one game playoff pick advantage heading into the Super Bowl. I whiffed with the Falcons and the Patriots while Steven stuck with the Harbaugh brothers. 

Not surprisingly, we each see a different winner emerging from tonight's 47th annual tussle to determine the kings of the football universe. If Steven is correct, he'll win the playoff picks and carry some momentum into the off season. If I'm correct, we'll finish tied for the playoffs and my regular season wins will crown me king of pigskin prognosticators.

Steven says the Super Bowl XLVII champion will be the San Francisco 49'ers.

"My favorite part of Super Bowl week has become ignoring the constant breakdown of the match up, because as soon as kickoff arrives, you can throw it all out the window. This is going to be a slugfest with a different story played out in each half and possibly become one of the highest scoring games in Super Bowl history.

Both defenses will come to play in the first half, but Joe Flacco will start airing balls out while Frank Gore gets the 49ers ground game going. I don't see Colin Kaepernick becoming a huge part of the running game, but he could use his mobility to make some underneath first down pass pick ups to keep drives alive.

Both teams should try and establish the run to control the game, but you have to feel more confident in the 49ers ability and willingness to try and do so. That's why they are going to move to 6-0 in Super Bowl history."

I grew up in Cincinnati during the 1980s, so cheering for the 49'ers is a little bit like high-fiving the guy who stole your girlfriend. On the other hand, Baltimore is still whiny about the whole Colts-move-to-Indy thing (even though they stole Cleveland's team) and I'm sick and tired of hearing about Ray Lewis. So it's hard for me to cheer for either team in this matchup. I'm just thankful it's not the Steelers or the Patriots. At the end of the evening, however, I think it will be the Baltimore Ravens hoisting Lombardi's Trophy and celebrating their first ever Super Bowl championship.

"Both teams have defensive front sevens that can stuff opponents' running games and get to the quarterback. Both teams also have some question marks in their secondaries that make them susceptible to the big pass play. That's where I think the difference will be.

Joe Flacco will burn the 49'ers' corners a couple of times for big plays and that will be enough of an edge to bring home the win. The Ravens will surrender some big plays, too, but by and large, will keep Colin Kaepernick under wraps. I see Kaepernick finally realizing the immensity of the stage and making more mistakes than Flacco. 

If it comes down to the kicking game, I like Ravens' rookie Justin Tucker who hit on 30 of 33 field goal tries this season over the struggling veteran David Akers, who missed 13 times in 42 attempts this season."

Whoever comes out on top, I think tonight has the makings to be one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever contested.

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