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Indianapolis Colts V. Baltimore Ravens Wild Card Game Watch

January 6th, 2013 at 12:30 PM
By Chuck Chapman

It only gets more interesting for the Indianapolis Colts in their improbable 2012 season. Just moments ago it was announced that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was admitted to a Baltimore hospital with flu-like symptoms. While he's expected to be fine, he'll not be in attendance for todays wild card showdown with the Baltimore Ravens. Former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen will call plays today.

In other news, Kavell Conner is back, but Pat Angerer will make the start at inside linebacker. Joe Reitz will miss today's game with a concussion and Jeff Linkenbach will make the start.

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1:05 The Colts win the toss and elect to receive. We'll see right away whether Clyde is going to be conservative or let it all hang out. The Colts really need a fast start to neutralize an amped up Baltimore crowd.

1:08 Donnie Avery takes an end around for 15 yards on the first play.

1:10 Luck's pass on third and 10 is tipped and the Colts have to punt. Pat McAfee boomed a nice punt, but poor tackling allowed Jacoby Jones to get the ball near midfield. Good starting position for the Ravens.

1:13 Pat Angerer meets Ray Rice in the hole and holds him to a three yard gain. Ed Dickson gets free in the flat for a huge gain on second down to the Colts' 25.

1:15 Mike Carey's officiating crew makes their first appearance with a terrible pass interference call against Cassius Vaughn. Ray Rice fumbles on the next play and Pat Angerer falls on it. First crisis averted for the Colts.

1:19 Jerrell Freeman credited with the fumble recovery. Appeared that he didn't actually have it, but the Colts have the ball back. Big break early.

1:20 Luck scrambles for a first down on third and seven.

1:22 Luck takes a couple of deep shots. The second one to TY Hilton draws a flag on the Ravens DB for illegal contact.

1:24 Vick Ballard is nearly decapitated and a facemask isn't called. TY Hilton takes a WR screen to get the ball out near midfield.

1:25 Luck to Reggie Wayne on a back shoulder throw moves the chains and moves the ball into Ravens' territory.

1:26 Vick Ballard picks up five on first down. Looking good early.

1:28 Luck underthrows Reggie Wayne on a play action pass on first down.

1:29 Paul Krueger swats the ball out of Luck's hands on third down and the Ravens recover at the 30. Missed scoring opportunity there.

1:32 Vontae Davis misses two shots at an interception, but the Colts' defense forces a three and out and will have the ball back on their own 22.

1:36 A six yard run by Ballard and a quick out to Coby Fleener picks up a first down.

1:38 Luck forced to scramble up the middle and stopped short of the first down by Terrell Suggs. McAfee punts it away. Ravens start on their own 30.

1:43 The first quarter closes with a scoreless tie. The Colts have weathered the early storm, but also missed some early opportunities

1:44 Flacco finds Torrey Smith for 20 yards into Colts territory at the 38.

1:46 Dennis Pitta picks up a first down with a quick pass. Bernard Pierce gets the first big run of the day, taking the ball down to the nine after 18 yards.

1:47 Flacco misses Indiana's Tanden Doss on a slant at the goal line. His back line pass to Doss on third down goes through Doss's hands and forces a field goal try. Justin Tucker makes it 3-0 Ravens.

1:52 Luck's first down pass tipped at the line but Ray Lewis drops an easy interception in the open field.

1:53 TY Hilton couldn't hold Luck's third down stop route. Would have been a first down. Jacoby Jones returns McAfee's punt 17 yards to the 37 yard line. The Ravens flagged for holding on the return.

1:57 The penalty brings the ball back to the 20. Ray Rice picks up five on first down.

1:58 Rice picks up 14 yards for a first down.

1:59 Flacco gets pressure from the Colts' blitz and throws incomplete on third down, forcing a punt. Sam Koch's punt downed at the two yard line after a 58 yard punt. The Ravens player who downed it went out of bounds however and couldn't be the first to touch the ball. Colts ball at the 20.

2:05 Two runs by Ballard set up a third and five. Luck hits Wayne on a quick slant for the first down. Dwayne Allen with a catch and run to the Ravens 45. The officials missed a horse collar tackle.

2:06 A tight end screen to Dwayne Allen picks up 13 and a first down to the 32. 

2:08 A corner blitz by the Ravens sacks Luck for a four yard loss. Big third down.

2:09 Luck hits Coby Fleener to get the ball down to the 29, short of the first down. Adam Vinatieri is good from 47 yards and ties the game at 3-3.

2:12 Jacoby Jones returns McAfee's kickoff to the 37 yard line. The coverage teams are struggling as we come to the two-minute warning.

2:16 Flacco hits Jacoby Jones on a slant which gets a first down and puts the ball on the Colts' side of the field.

2:17 Ray Rice takes a screen pass 47 yards down to the Colts' two yard line. Vontae Leach powers it in from there. Tucker's extra point makes it 10-3 Ravens.

2:22 Luck finds Reggie Wayne over the middle for the first down. Colts spend first timeout.

2:23 Luck gets Wayne again for 20 yards down to the Ravens' 42. They use their second timeout with 31 seconds left.

2:25 Luck gets called for intentional grounding as he can't get the ball to the line of scrimmage on second down. Takes the ball back to their own side of the field. That also results in a 10 second run-off on the clock. Third and 26.

2:30 Luck finds TY Hilton who makes a great move to get the first down and get Adam Vinatieri into field goal range. Vinatieri connects from 52 yards and the Colts trail 10-6 at half time.

The Ravens get the ball first, but the Colts have certainly proved they belong on this stage. Should be an exciting second half.

2:45 McAfee with his best kickoff of the day and the coverage team drops Jones at the 18.

2:49 Robert Mathis isn't fooled on the play action and drops Joe Flacco back to the 9 yard line. Flacco throws one up to Anquan Boldin who somehow comes up with it against Antoine Bethea. Ravens in Colts' territory.

2:52 Anquan Boldin called for offensive pass interference and the Colts sniff out the screen this time leaving the Ravens with a third and  18. Flacco's pass to Tandon Doss is incomplete and the Ravens have to punt.

2:53 Koch's punt is a touchback and the Colts have the ball on the 20.

2:56 A false start on Coby Fleener pushes the Colts back five. Luck comes back two plays later with a strike to Reggie Wayne for the first down.

2:59 The Ravens defense sets up shop in the Colts' backfield on the next series that ends in a sack. McAfee's punt takes Jones out of bounds at the 25.

3:02 Flacco hits Anquan Boldin for a first down off play action. The Ravens are trying to roll him away from Robert Mathis.

3:04 Flacco hits Anquan Boldin for 46 yards down to the Colts' 15. A first down incompletion and then a false start puts them behind the chains.

3:05 Flacco avoids the rush and finds TE Dennis Pitta who takes it in for the score. Baltimore takes a 17-6 lead.

3:11 Luck converts a third and four to LaVon Brazill and gets the ball near midfield.

3:13 Luck stands in the pocket and then scrambles for a first down into Ravens' territory on third and two.

3:15 Luck gets Vick Ballard on a swing pass on third and two for another first down. 

3:16 Luck threads the needle to Reggie Wayne for a first down in the red zone.

3:18 A slant to Wayne is a bit behind him and the Colts forced to kick a field goal. Vinatieri connects and the Colts are back within one score at 17-9.

3:22 The third quarter ends with the Ravens on top 17-9. The Colts need to force a defensive stop and get the ball into the end zone to put the pressure back on Flacco.

3:25 Anquan Boldin with another big play for 21. Rice fumbles, however on the next play and Pat Angerer comes up with the loose ball. Colts have the ball at their own 29.

3:27 Luck hits Reggie Wayne who breaks a tackle into Ravens' territory. Vick Ballard then breaks one down to the Ravens' 24. Colts in business.

3:31 Donnie Avery drops the slant that might have gained a first down on third and nine. Adam Vinatieri misses this time from close range. That one really hurt.

3:38 Facing a third and two Bernard Pierce gashes the Colts down to the Colts 18 yard line. This could be the nail in the coffin.

3:39 Anquan Boldin out leaps Darius Butler in the corner for the touchdown and that will most likely do it. The extra point makes it 24-9 Ravens.

3:46 Colts in hurry-up mode. Luck finds Dwayne Allen twice for a first down. They'll need something pretty quick here to have a shot.

3:50 Luck finds Avery on a third and three across midfield.

3:51 Donnie Avery makes a catch but the defender dislodges the ball after he hits the ground. Of course Mike Carey's crew calls it incomplete. Under review.

3:56 Luck scrambles for the first down after the replay is upheld. 

3:58 Dwayne Allen slips on third down, forcing a fourth and one. Luck's pass is tipped and Ravens CB Williams picks it off. He returns it to the Colts 44. That's all she wrote folks.

We'll have the breakdown on the game and the Colts season starting tomorrow. Suffice it to say, the Colts exceeded everyone's expectations this season and gave the fans a magical few months. Alas, the inexperience finally got the best of this bunch and they go down in Baltimore.

Colts fans have to be excited about the future of their franchise however. 


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