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Indianapolis Colts V. Tennessee Titans Gamewatch

December 9th, 2012 at 11:47 AM
By Chuck Chapman

Greetings once again from high atop Lucas Oil Stadium. Good to be back this week as your Indianapolis Colts look to continue their winning ways and sweep the season series from the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have never won here at Lucas Oil and today is no time to start. 

As always, follow our running commentary here on Colts 101 or on Twitter @Colts_101. 

Tennessee tackle Michael Roos will start today, contrary to our speculation earlier in the week. Even so, lots of shuffling along the Tennessee offensive line. Our key matchup of the week still pits the Colts front seven against the Titans offensive line.

Tom Zbikowski will miss his second consecutive game. Joe Lefeged gets the start again. Seth Olsen also makes the start in place of Joe Reitz. Donald Brown is out, meaning Delone Carter should see more carries spelling Vick Ballard today.

The Colts observed a moment of silence in memory of Jerry Brown who was killed in that tragic auto accident yesterday.

The Titans won the toss and elected to receive. We'll see today's highlighted matchup right away.

1:02 Pat McAfee booms the kickoff out of the end zone. Titans start from their own 20.

1:03 Tennessee rolls Jake Locker out on the first play and he hits Kenny Britt for 9 yards. Look for alot of that.

1:04 After a first down, Chris Johnson's first carry goes for only two yards.

1:24 Kenny Britt breaks a tackle from Cassius Vaugh and gets the ball into Colts territory.

1:05 Locker scrambles and totally jukes Jerrell Freeman in the open field. Run goes for 32 yards all the way down to the Colts' 35.

1:07 Titans complete another rollout pass to Britt, but holding on the next play pushes the ball back to the 32. Titans now behind the chains.

1:12 After two completions and a failed challenge, the Titans face a third and six at the Colts 18.

1:13 Locker hits TE Jared Cook down the seem splitting Sergio Brown and Antoine Bethea. Rob Bironas extra points makes it 7-0 Titans.

1:16 Bironas equals McAfee's touchback. Colts start from their 20.

1:17 Luck flushed out of the pocket on second down play action pass and sails pass intended for Fleener.

1:18 TY Hilton broke free on a busted coverage from the Titans, but Luck overthrew him. Three and out. McAfee's punt fair caught at the 25.

1:21. Good penetration to halt Johnson in the backfield, but no backside cleanup. Joe Lefeged makes the tackle for a five yard gain. Johnson picks up another five on the next carry.

1:25 Locker's third down pass tipped at the line of scrimmage by Cory Redding, bringing up a fourth down.

1:25 Rob Bironas misses from 57 yards away. The Colts will start the next drive with great field position at the 47.

1:29 Luck finds TY Hilton on a crossing route and Hilton speeds his way for 36 yards to the Titans 17.

1:31 Luck finds Vick Ballard on a dump off over the middle. He gets to the one yard line before being brought down hard.

1:32 Luck finds Reggie Wayne on a skinny post off play action from four yards away. Adam Vinatieri adds the extra point to tie the game at 7-7. 7 plays, 53 yards, 4:11 on the drive.

1:35 McAfee with another touchback. Titans start from their 20.

1:37 A holding penalty on Cory Redding gives the Titans a first down instead of a third and long.

1:38 An offensive pass interference penalty moves the Titans back 10 and then they lose two more on a Chris Johnson run as the first quarter closes. Game tied 7-7.

1:42 A wide receiver screen to Kendall Wright makes it a third and eight for the Titans. Kenny Britt beats Cassius Vaughn down the right sideline and makes a nice one-handed grab to pick up 46 yards down to the Colts' 25.

1:45 Rob Bironas connects from 40 yards to give the Titans a 10-7 lead. The Colts had them backed up with a terrible down and distance though and let them off the hook.

1:48 Colts start on their own 20 after the touchback. Luck throws high on a post pattern intended for Coby Fleener on first down.

1:49 TY Hilton picks up 14 as Luck gets him the ball in space and TY does his thing.

1:51 Luck sacked on third down by Derrick Morgan. McAfee on to punt. Darius Reynaud takes kick to the Titans' 30. 

1:55 Good pressure and containment by the Colts results in an intentional grounding call on Locker. Loss of 10, second and 20 again.

1:57 This time the Colts hold on third and long, forcing the Titans to punt. He kicks away from TY Hilton and the ball went out on the 16. Jerry Hughes picked up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for talking to the official, putting the ball at the Colts' 8 yard line.

2:01 A quick screen to Reggie Wayne picks up nine on first down and then Vick Ballard get the first down.

2:03 Reggie Wayne moves into the top 10 in all-time NFL receptions and then picks up 16 for another first down.

2:05 Luck scrambles, but is caught from behind by Derrick Morgan. On his way down, he tries to get off a throw which lands right in the hands of LB Will Witherspoon who returns it for the touchdown. The play is under review.

2:08 The play stands and the Titans lead 17-7 with 4:40 left in the half.

2:12 Nearly disaster after Delone Carter fumbles a dumpoff pass. Reggie Wayne, alert and hustling recovers it for the Colts.

2:15 Seth Olsen beaten again by Karl Klug who sacks Luck. A punt from Pat McAfee coming after the two-minute warning.

2:18 Good punt by McAfee has the Titans backed up to their own 15. 

2:19 Two straight out routes to Kendall Wright net a Titans' first down.

2:21 Locker throws a nice ball down the left sideline to Kenny Britt for a 46 yard gain down to the Colts 13 yard line.

2:23 The defense holds and will force a Rob Bironas field goal attempt. 

2:24 Bironas boots it through from 31 to give the Titans a 20-7 lead.

2:30 A pass interference call gets the ball out to midfield with 12 seconds left. Samson Satele went down on the play however and cost the Colts their final timeout.

2:31 Luck is intercepted on an end-of-the-half Hail Mary attempt. 

The Colts offensive line was almost non-existent that half. Twelve yards rushing and surrendering three first half sacks to a rather pedestrian defensive team. This was by far the worst half of football for the Colts since the second half in Chicago.

2:44 The Colts will start with the ball in the second half. They must get a score right away.

2:47 Luck starts things with scramble for a first down. A reverse to TY Hilton doesn't fool the Titans and they face third and nine.

2:48 Luck converts with a crossing route to Reggie Wayne.

2:50 After a questionable non-call against Reggie Wayne, Luck is sacked for the fourth time. Wayne gets mugged on the next third down play, but makes the catch.

2:52 Vick Ballard gashes the middle for 11 yards down to the Titans' 7.

2:54 Vick Ballard takes the next run inside the one yard line. An incompletion to Donnie Avery forces a third and goal. Delone Carter takes it in to bring the Colts within one score at 20-14. Just what the doctor ordered. 14 plays, 80 yards, 6:24.

2:58 The Titans start their first drive of the second half at the 20.

3:00 The Colts defensive line bats down Locker's first pass. Almost picked by Pat Angerer.

3:02 Cassius Vaughn makes a great athletic play to break up a third down pass intended for Kendall Wright. That forces a three and out. TY Hilton returns the punt to the Colts 41. Good field position to start their next drive.

3:07 The Colts can't do anything, going three and out, missing Dwayne Allen on third down. Pat McAfee nails a dead perfect coffin corner punt out at the one yard line.

3:11 Cassius Vaughn jumps a slant route and gets the defensive touchdown. Colts lead 21-20.

3:15 The Colts defensive backs catch fire, making great tackles on the first two downs. Locker then keeps a play alive and finds Craig Stevens in the seam for a first down.

3:18 The Colts pass rush got to Locker on third down, but Moise Fouku got called for holding, extending the drive for Tennessee.

3:21 The third quarter closes with the Titans facing a third and five at midfield. Colts lead 21-20.

3:24 A questionable pass interference call on Antoine Bethea keeps the drive alive.

3:26 Locker scrambles up the middle for the first down to the Colts 21.

3:27 Locker rolls out and finds Nate Washington for a first down at the Colts' 5 yard line.

3:28 Vontae Davis makes a nice stop on Chris Johnson in the backfield for a loss of five.

3:29 Locker scrambles down to the two. A fumbled snap negated by a false start. Third and goal from the seven.

3:30 Vontae Davis nearly intercepts the third down pass intended for Nate Washington. Rob Bironas gives the lead back to Tennessee 23-21 with 10:28 left.

3:37 After a poor spot leaves the Colts short of a first down, the Titans defensive line obliges with an offside penalty. Then the Colts get called for delay of game.

3:39 Luck threads the needle to Donnie Avery for a first down out to the 45 yard line.

3:40 Vick Ballard on a delayed handoff picks up 14 yards and another first down to the Tennessee 40 yard line.

3:42 Luck scrambles out of pressure and finds Donnie Avery in the back of the end zone, but Avery drops it. Adam Vinatieri comes through with the clutch 53 yarder to put the Colts back on top 24-23 with 6:23.

3:46 Another touchback and the Titans will start on their 20. The Colts defense needs a stop here.

3:47 Locker intercepted by Darius Butler. The ref initially threw a flag for illegal contact, but Locker was ruled out of the pocket, so the interception stands. Colts ball on the Titans 28.

3:52 Luck's pass to the end zone for Reggie Wayne falls incomplete and Adam Vinatieri comes out to attempt a kick from 40 yards out. He nails it to put the Colts up 27-23, but that was a missed opportunity to put the Titans away.

3:55 Titans start on their 20 with 3:48 on the clock. Everything is four downs for them now.

3:57 Vaughn breaks up a second down pass and Locker misses Kenny Britt down the sideline on third down. Surprisingly, the Titans punt it away with 2:52 left. Two first downs should do it.

3:58 A personal foul on the Colts during the return moves the ball back to the 10 yard line.

4:01 Vick Ballard picks up a first down on a shifty run out to the 24 yard line. The Titans exhaust their timeouts with 2:25 left on the clock.

4:02 Luck finds Dwayne Allen for 11 yards and a first down at the 25. The two minute-warning hits and this one is all over but the shouting.

4:07 The Colts finish it off with a series of kneel downs to win 27-23. The win pushes them to 9-4 and with Pittsburgh losing, all but guarantees the Colts a playoff spot.

Another amazing comeback. Whatever Bruce Arians does in the locker room, he ought to bottle it and sell it. This team is never out of it.

Off to the locker room to get post-game reactions. Thanks for following the Colts on Colts 101.

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